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Does anyone else who is TTC feel that everywhere you look there is preggy glowing women, or mums with newborns or family with husband and i want out own so badly. Im 25 and thought i would concieve easily and after all those years as a teen trying to not get pregnant and now this wait, its so hard. I have 3 friends who fell pregnant in their early 20's (unplanned) and i have a friend who has been pregnant twice since i started trying (one MC which is sad). Sorry to ramble, just so thrilled there is a tread on here for this. Just to say to others how i feel is such a load of my chest so to speak.
Hi Polly12,

It is hard not to notice these things when you are TTC. It took DH and I a long time to conceive via IVF and that was after waiting the 12 months of trying naturally. Although I was always happy for friends and family who announced their pregnanies, I always had a little cry in the privacy of my own home as it was such a reminder of what wasn't happening for us. How long have you been trying for?

Hi there i have just posted a message similar to yours as my DH and i have been trying for 7 months with no luck after having the Depo prior and i too am getting more and more upset as everywhere i turn there are preggy laddies and might i add they all say that their pregnancies were an accident! Its really good to finally be able to bounce my thoughts off others in the same situation:) I hope you fall pregnant soon and dont get discouraged by all the preggas out there:) Good luck:)

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