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Getting preg at 37 yrs old Lock Rss

Hi girls , l am trying to fall pregnant at 37, did fall in feb but miscarried at 7 weeks. Now l have been told by some women that you have a high risk of miscarrage at my age ,is this true?

Danielle, vic. 38yrs! due oct 2007

Hi Danielle,
Sorry to hear you miscarried in February, I really hope you can fall again soon and go through okay to have a baby.

They do say once you get into the late 30's/40's you have a higher chance of miscarrying, but hang in there as my friend fell pregnant with her 1st baby at age 37 and had no problems at all and she had been on the pill for 20 years but once she came off the pill it took her only a month to fall pregnant and she went on to have a healthy baby girl late last year. So there is plenty of hope for you, don't worry what satistics say.

I suffered a miscarriage myself and I was only 30 at the time but still went on after to fall again and have a healthy boy and I'm pregnant again now with our 3rd and all seems to be going well and I'm now nearly 34.

Goodluck and I hope you can fall again soon smile

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