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Hi Girls, was wandering if any of you could tell me when is it best to start trying after a curette. I was 9weeks preg & miscarried, had a curette on 17 march.

Danielle, vic. 38yrs! due oct 2007

Hi Danielle,
Im sorry to hear about your loss. A miscarriage is something woman shouldn't have to go through.

I had a curette on the 15th of Dec 05 and my doctor told me i could start trying as soon as my cycle returned to normal, for me that was the next month and i didnt even bleed after my curette so i guess the answer to your question is asap. Goodluck, let me know how it goes for you. Chin up and try to think positive smile
I miscarried a while ago, but the doctor told me also to wait till my cycle returned to normal, and that its probably best to wait at least two cycles. But I assume every doctor would ave their own opinion on this.

Best of luck
Hi all just wanted someones opinion on something... i had a currette on the 27/03 and am still bleeding and rather than ease off and darken, the bleeding was barely noticable in the beggining but is now quite heavy and bright red i seen the doc last wednesday and she said as long as there wasnt any pain to not to get too concerned... but i just read the info sheet i got when i left he hospital and it said that bleeding should last about ten days should i see the doctor? or should i not wory as there isnt any pain??? what do you think???

Mel 21yrs, TAS, Amber 24/05/01 TTC#2

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