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Just wondering if anyone else's pets have gone a little 'strange' now that they are pregnant.

My two cats are extremely cuddly (even the old grumpy 10yr old one that lives outside as much as possible).

Both of them are now vying for my attention all the time and love sleeping on my lap and tummy. The youngest cat sleeps with one or both paws on my tummy - it's the cutest thing.


absolutely, my two dogs def know something is going on. They love to hear about the new clothes and have a little sniff everytime I get a new parcel from EBAY smile

From very early on my hubby would say to our cavoodle off mummies tummy so now she only goes to him to stretch out on his belly. And if i say to her where's the baby? she stands up on her back legs and snuggles into my belly.

they are soooo cute smile

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I don't know if you would call a horse a pet as such, but my horse knew for sure. Before I was pregnant she could be a bit silly sometimes, but as soon as I was pregnant she never put a foot wrong. It was like she knew she had to be good so I wouldn't fall off smile

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yep, animals definitely know, when my mum was pregnant we would go and visit a friend and everytime we went there their cat would cuddle into mum,
and we got our cat when i was about 3 months pregnant, and he knew also. he loves to cuddle into me, and also him being young i think it's baby instinct, as me becoming a mum, he wants the love too.
sounds strange i know. smile

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