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Insensitive Husband Lock Rss

Not sure if I am just being an emotional basket case or my husband is being a bit insensitive!

We have been trying to have a 2nd baby (not for very long though) and recently I did a pregnancy test and it was negative and I got upset and he said a few days later that I should just get over it and stop crying! As there is no point going on about it!

Is he being a bit mean? has anyone else's husband done this?

thanks melissa

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Hi Melissa,

It sounds a little bit of both to me. Try not to get too upset as this will just prolong things further. We have been trying for 11 mths, and are now at the stage of, if it happens, it happens, at least we have been blessed once. Another thing to consider is do you think your husband ready for No #2. I know I was ready when Kristopher was about 3 mths but my husband wasn't ready till he was 12 mths. That's when we started trying.
I hope this helps a little. Good Luck!

yes i think he is insensitive. i understand your wanting to have another one we are trying for our second baby at the moment too. we've been trying for 14 months now. my fiance hasn't done anything he is more disappointed than me each time i've done a pregnancy test. he wanted another baby 2 days after eilish was born.. shes 2 nearly.

we bought a maybe baby thing the docs say if we cant fall preggas soon he'll help.

which is cool.

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Personally I feel that I dont think that your husband may be meaning to be insensitive on purpose and there could be perhaps a couple of reasons for why he has been reacting the way he is. One may be is he really ready to have another baby and the second may be perhaps he is secretly really upset each time you have found out that the test is negative.

The thing is though try not to get yourself too upset because it may take a lot longer than you expect and you will just start making yourself feel sick, which will only make things harder for yourself. Try and stay positive things will happen when you least expect them too.

Good luck gorgeous I will be thinking of you.

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