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Hi I am looking for anyone who knows where I would get information about water birth, (my midwife currently has them all out to other people, not sure how many) and in our public library we have only 2 books, they are so out of date it's not funny.
Does anyone know of any good websites, preferably Nz ones.

Thanks, hope to hear from some people soon.

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i asked about a water birth docs dont like doing them as it increases the risk of infection to the doc baby and you. glad i didn't push having one after all.

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Hi MrsSuz

I don't know of any specific websites, but I just typed "water birth" into our Google search engine and it came up with quite a few might have to have a bit of a browse.
I was going to have a water birth for my last pregnancy but baby wasn't happy so we had to get out of the pool. I had seen some wonderful videos of water births and was excited about having one, but ended up having a wonderful birth anyway.
It is more favourable with Midwifes than Doctors as they tend to want what we want, and don't mind having to get a bit uncomfortable or wet !!!
I hope you find what you're looking for and are able to have the birth of your choice !

All the best

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