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my partner and i are trying for number 2 this month, would be great to hear from others in the same position. Also, just woundering ive heard that if you are stressing a bit waiting to test each month that this could be reducing your chance of conceiving. would be great to talk to someone in the same waiting game. thanks

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

Hi there bubataz,

I am not in the waiting game as I am 18 weeks pregnant with my 2nd bub, however I do know from experience that stress can reduce the success rate of conceiving. I had 2 miscarriages in a row before I had my first baby, now 15 months old. I stressed a lot and got myself very upset, once I relaxed and focused my energies else where I conceived successfully.

I was very fortunate to have conceived the first time we tried for number 2, but there was no pressure and no stress when we decided to start trying.

You need to keep your mind on something else and let nature take its course. I know that is easier said than done though...

I wish for you all the best and hope to hear news of a baby on the way soon.

Michelle smile

Hi there,
I'm not in the waiting game anymore, I'm 5 weeks pregnant. We were trying from the time Ashley was 6 weeks old to have a baby(she's 9 months old now), every month I'd be waiting for my period, testing the minute it was late, I even started charting my cycle and of course I was constantly dissapointed. Last month my husband went away for 3 days at about the time I should have been most fertile so when my period was late I didn't bother testing, I didn't think there was much chance so I wasn't stressed about it at all I was just going to wait untill next month. The only reason I did test it was that my cousin had a dream that I was pregnant and bought me a test, you can imagine my surprise when it was positive. I definately think that stressing about it and always being conscious of it makes a difference. hope that helps, Erin

Erin,W.A. kids 12,5,2 and 1

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