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Morning Sickness the 2nd time around but not first time. Lock Rss

Has anyone out there not had any morning sickness in their first pregnancy and then had it in the 2nd pregnancy?
Another curious question is: if you have no morning sickness and have a boy, then if you have morning sickness the second time, will it be a girl?

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

Hi Kristina, I only have the one child and my first pregnancy I was sick for around 4- 5 months. I had a boy. A friend of mine also had a boy around the same time as me & had no morning sickness at all in her first. She loved being pregnant the first time saying she had so much energy and just felt great. She recently had her second baby and was sick all through this pregnancy and she had a .................GIRL!!!!!
I hope that helps you. Good luck.
Thanks for your reply. I know that they say every pregnancy is different but you just can't help wondering.......

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

Hi Kristina,

I had morning sickness with my first pregnancy and had a baby girl. From about week 9 to 13 in the first trimester I was sick 2 to 3 times a day.

I am now 18 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy and had very little sickness in the first trimester, only throwing up about 6 to 10 times. But then it went away and I felt great from weeks 12 to 17 and now it has come back hitting me with nausea and 2 ocassions of throwing up this week.

I too am wondering if each pregnancy is very different or if I am having a boy? I will find out tomorrow at my 18 week scan, hopoefully... and I will let you know.

I hope your pregnancy is going well otherwise!

Michelle smile
Hi Kristina,

I'm the same. I had no morning sickness what so ever first time around and absolutely loved being pregnant and I had a boy. This time I've had morning sickness and just generally felt unwell for a lot of the pregnancy (am 26 weeks). Don't know if it is a girl or boy though as it will be surprise.

Good luck!

Hi Kristina

Well I had no morning sickness first time around and didn't find out I was pregnant until 12 weeks and I had a boy. This time around I was so sick in the first 14 weeks the I really thought something terrible was wrong and I am having a girl.

Who knows if there is something in it, but this time around for me has certainly been a completely different experience.

Good Luck

S Brooks, Hobart

Hi Kristina

I was luck i had it the other way around with my first pregnancy i had alot of "night sickness" but none in the morning. I found that if i argued with my partner i felt sick. I am 26 weeks prenant and having a girl this time and have not been sick once i guess i have been lucky as my mum was sick all the time. So i think that my first pregnacy (i lost the baby at 11 weeks) was a boy .

Amy,QLD, mum to 1

I'm pregnant with my 2nd and have had bad morning sickness this time around. I didn't have any with my first pregnancy which was a girl. I found out this one is a girl too.

Nush,Qld mum to Caitlin(18/8/00)and Ella(24/7/04)

Hi again,

I found out at my 18 week scan I am having a boy!! My instincts said a boy and I was right. Just a lucky guess, who knows??? I knew my daughter was a girl before the scan confirmed it too.

Morning sickness is gone again... lucky me.

Hope all is well with all of you expecting mums, maybe the cooler weather will help.

Michelle smile

It's strange how every pregnancy seems different. You would think that your body would react the same each time.

I think that it's starting to improve for me a bit, well I hope so anyway. I'm only 8 weeks so could keeep up for a while yet.

Congratulations on the boy Michelle!


Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

Thanks Kristina,

All is good with me and baby.... 20 weeks now and going strong.

Hope all is well with you and the sickness has settled. I think for most it goes away by 12 weeks.

Michelle smile
Hi there, I didn't have morning sickness with my first two pregnancies (they were 10 years apart)...both girls, I'm pregnant again now and seem to be having quite a bit of it. I was reading a book the other day and that said it is not uncommon to have morning sickness for the first time on the second or third pregnancy and that it is usually caused by excessive tiredness as you usually don't have the liberty of having a rest when you feel you need it etc...but you never know, this one could be a boy and that could be the reason smile

Erin,W.A. kids 12,5,2 and 1

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