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Trying for 2nd baby when to be concerned Lock Rss

Just wondering at what point do you go and see your doctor when you are trying to have your 2nd baby?

With our 1st we fell pregnant the 1st month of trying now we have just started to try for our 2nd but after how long do you go to the doctor?

thanks in advance

melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

I know that in general they tend to say that if nothing happens within 12 to 18 months then you should see a doctor.
I found it took me 6 months to fall pregnant with the first, and I thought it would be quicker the 2nd time around. But again it took 6 months from when I stopped breast feeding. Try not to worry or get anxious about it too much as that probably won't help. They say that for around 50% of people will concieve in the first 6 months.
It was quite funny just when I said I'm going to stop wasting money on those pregnancy tests (too keen to find out each month) and it happened after that.

Good Luck, and may the baby dust blow your way!

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

we've been tryin for ages to have another baby. eilish is 2 in june and we started trying for another one when eilish was about 8 or 9 months. so we've been trying for a while. it will happen when your body is ready.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

i started trying just about as soon i had the 6 week check up it took about 6 months or so the doc sent me 4 a vaginal ultra sound but all was ok the kids come when they r ready i believ,with my 3rd my 2nd was 4 months old

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14


In my mind i always said, if i don't fall pregnant in 18 months i will see a Dr. Both times took over 12 months,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi melis,

I would give it 12 months and if nothing seems to be happening then I would seek medical advice. It took me over a year and a half to conceive my first bub, plus I had 2 miscarriages in that time.

Now pregnant with my second bub, was willing to give it 18 months before I went to the doctor, but fortunatley I conceived the very first time we tried.

I think it is the luck of the draw for most of us...


Michelle smile
Congratulations to everyone who has fallen with their second child. My husband and I are trying too. We started when our son turned one, it took us 14 mths with him and it has been 10mths and still trying with the second. I spoke to a mothercraft nurse that works at my local chemist about buying a product that tells me when the fertile time is, as my cycle is really up the spout this time. There are two different types, bot are a little costly but one is a disposable and one you can reuse, this is the one she recomended. It is called Maybe baby and costs around $68. My husband and I agreed it was time to buy this as last night I had to tell him we wern't pregnant again. I was 5 days late did a test, negative and got it that night!

Oh well there's always next month, right!!
Hi there,

I've used the Maybe Baby and it does seem to work. Although it hasn't improved our chances of falling pregnant, but at least I know we're doing it at the right time.

Good luck!!!!


Hi Roy,

Thanks for the info, I think we will give it a go!
I THINK I might give that product a try aswell. i've always had an irregular period. and for the past 6 years i havent been using birth control.
and in that time i've had 1 miscarriage sad and one baby. smile as i am 31 i'm hoping to fall within 12mths.i really dont want to be that much past 50 when my kids turn 21. smile

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

Good luck Chelby,

Let me know how you go!!

It took 18 months after a miscarriage to conceive our daughter - now 3 and a half.

Deciding when to start trying for baby number 2 was hard as we did not want it to take so long again.

We had been trying for a while (about 9 months) so I bought a Maybe Baby as my cycle has never been regular so it was pretty much guess work.

At the same time, we also took the pressure off ourselves by saying "if it happens, it happens - if not, at least we have one child to enjoy".

I was still checking the Maybe Baby every month but just did not pressure myself.

3 months later, once the pressure was off - PREGNANT!!!! Our son is now 8 weeks old.

Jodie, Qld. Madison (09/09/00), Ashton (22/01/04)

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