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Can anyone help me out in this situation? Lock Rss

Yes, Sara You are absolutely right !!! this is the possible reason for not having periods while nursing ur baby. Me and one of my friends have experienced the same scenario as we were working ladies and have a very tough routine just after our delivery. We also used to breastfeed our newborns but we got our periods about 6 months after childbirth. So u can relate ur problem definitely with breastfeeding but it's not problematic. So, in my opinion, I think u must wait for ur periods otherwise must see ur doctor. Wish u a good luck.
hi Kireinhold !! I hope for ur good health. Yes there is a possibility of delayed menstrual; cycle during breastfeeding. Naturally the nursing mothers have irregular periods for about 6 months after their delivery. May be the mode of delivery also affect the consistency of our menstrual cycle but more research is required regarding this matter. I have also experience the same situation during the birth of my second child. I has c section during my second delivery and I think that may be it would be the reason for my delayed periods. I breastfed my child for about one year and I got my periods 6 months after delivery and that’s a natural phenomenon. So in ur case breastfeeding could be only the reason. There is nothing to be worried about as its normal for having delayed ovulation or no ovulation for many months or even a year after delivery. But if it persists for more than a year then there is a need to consult ur doctor. Thanks.
Well, everyone's case is different. The case of tubes is very distinct with everyone. So, yeah! I think you should still start figuring out what's it with you. Get an appointment with an OBs. More importantly, yeah! There are circumstances in which it happens that people are able to conceive with a single tube. But, I'd mention again it's different for everyone. So, take care of it pls.
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