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Can anyone help me out in this situation? Lock Rss

Hello ladies. I want to share my problem with you all. Maybe I get some satisfying answer here. I already have three kids. In all the cases it was a natural birth. In my fourth kid, my blood pressure was not stable. I was on bed rest as well for the majority of my pregnancy. I took a lot of care in the whole pregnancy. In my last month, this problem got severe. I had to go to c section birth. Now I had my baby 8 weeks ago. After that I got my tubes tied. I am on breastfeeding now. I am not having my periods since then. I am curious to know that breastfeeding is the reason or something else. I have heard from a few people that they got their periods even after their tubes were tied. Can anyone help me out in this situation?
Breastfeeding is likely the reason.
It's not unusual to not get your period for several months, and apparently even be erratic and with lengthy gaps after they start up again, while you're breastfeeding. My little one was 10 months before i got my period again, which I was expecting to take a while to show back up, but then I got worried when the next one didnt show up when I expected it, so i did a bit of research.
Kierenhold, I have heard with few people that they don't get their periods when they are on breastfeed, as my aunt was having the same problem, she had three kids and after each of her delivery she never got her periods until she breastfeed her child. But many of my friends including me never have this issue after our delivery. Whether its because of the tubes tied or because of breastfeed it is better for you to go and get a detailed checkup. This is better to be safe then to be sorry, so, I suggest you to take an opinion from your doctor, after all its a matter of your health. Tc.
Hi dear! Well, I had to say "You're really a lucky woman". Because you have at least three kids. Anyway! I've heard this a lot. Yes! Periods are pretty related to this breastfeeding issue. So, yes! I think you should get a little consulted with your Gynecologist. She will help you better with this!
Breastfeeding is the reason behind this. It usually occurs and many couples get confused and start worrying a lot. That effect and create a lot of tension in the body. Happy to see your tubes are tied. And you are in final stages. Wait and take proper diet its fine. From my point of view, you should visit the clinic as soon as possible.
Well this is really serious dear. I must think that you should be aware of the seriousness of the matter. I think you are seeing gynecologist. You can take help from her. She could tell you more detailed. May be this is nothing. May be it is not having any issue. Best of luck dear.
Hey Kierenhold!!! I am happy for your kids. You have 4 kids. It means you are living a happy life. So you are facing an issue of your tubes. It’s not an ordinary thing. As one of my family members faced this and she used too many pills suggested by her physician but didn’t effect tied some of her tubes. She went through a surgery then she recovered. My suggestion does not take it easy and don’t ignore it. Get an appointment with your doctor as soon as you can. A lot of hugs for you. May you have a safety checkup. Good luck!!!!
Hi ladies.many mothers think that if they are breastfeeding exclusively, their periods will not return. But the truth is that many mothers will soon start to menstruate sometime early as a few weeks after birth.Each woman is different and has varying level of hormones.mothers may even find that with each pregnancy, they start menstruating at the different time.I breastfeed my son for 9 months before my period started, but this times baby is around 11 weeks old and my periods have started.
It's not uncommon to not get your period for a while, and clearly even be sporadic and with extensive holes after they start up once more, while you're breastfeeding. My little one was 10 months before I got my period once more, which I was hoping to require a significant stretch of time to appear to go down, however when I got stressed when the following one didnt show up when I expected it, so I completed a touch of research.
I don't think tubal ligation is the reason. For whatever length of time that you have a uterus and ovaries create the hormones, you can get a period. As I would like to think, breastfeeding is the reason. My doc disclosed to me that 'relatively every kind' of the period is typical of breastfeeding. In the event that you don't have it for a year, it's ordinary. On the off chance that you have it sooner than others, it's ordinary. It, as a rule, relies on what amount are you nursing. In the event that your infant takes long snoozes during the evening or day and you have a bigger nursing free period, you are probably going to kick your periods off right on time.
Breastfeeding is the explanation for this. It normally happens and many couples get befuddled and begin stressing a great deal. That impact and make a great deal of pressure in the body. Cheerful to see your tubes are tied. What's more, you are inconclusive stages. Pause and take legitimate eating routine its fine. From my perspective, you should visit the center as quickly as time permits.
Hey Kieren, it can be because of two reasons first breastfeeding, it's common to miss a period if you are breastfeeding, and after pregnancy, it takes time for periods to get back also. So nothing to worry about. If you still think there's something wrong I will suggest you visit your doctor and tell him what's happening, He can consult you better because he knows your full case. But to my knowledge, there's nothing to worry about.
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