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Cesarean in public hospital using own obstetrician Lock Rss

I just got a call from admissions for my c section and she told me I can't go through the public system with my own private obstetrician. I will have to pay for a nights stay (which I knew about that one) which is anywhere from $450 -$750, now I found out I have to pay for any bloods and anaesthesist. I have no idea how much I'm up for!!! The next day I can go to admissions and can be transferred to Medicare/public patient for the rest of my stay. I have no idea how much this is all going to cost now????. Wondering if I have to pay for the pain medication I'll be given ect??? I knew my OB was $2500 then plus the hospital bed stay but that's all I thought I was up for. Before I started seeing my OB I asked the hospital if I Had to pay for the anaesthesist and I'm sure she said no because I wouldn't have gone private OB otherwise cause I know how expensive they can be. The lady at the hospital said I just ask my OB on the day if the anaesthesist will be covered by Medicare. Maybe he can pull a few magic strings for me. Has anyone else done this and what kind of things did you end up having to pay for?
Hello, ladies.A Cesarean section is a major surgery and is usually a longer and more extensive recovery than a vaginal delivery. A woman with a C-section delivery usually stays in the hospital three days, versus a vaginal delivery of two days. The abdominal incision will be sore for the first couple of days and your physical activities will be limited. Upon returning home, plan to have someone stay with you to help you with your baby and other responsibilities you may have.Patients with cesarean sections are sometimes surprised to have vaginal bleeding for several days after delivery, this is actually normal. Another surprise may be that Doctors recommend nothing in your vagina (tampons, intercourse, douching) for about six weeks to allow the pelvic cavity to heal and return back to normal.
Thank you this will be my 5th c cesarean so I'm a pro now ????
Without a healthy insurance policy, a C-section can cost anywhere from $13,000 to $32,000. All billing situations will be different, but most hospitals include the laboratory work, medications during the stay, anesthesia, recovery room, emergency room, the stay, ultrasounds, surgeon fees, and supplies. The average C-section stay will be, at a minimum, 72 hours or more, depending on how you are recovering and the doctor's recommendation.
Hi there. How are you? I don't have such experience before. I am a 7th month pregnant. I will be going `through c-section as well. It is because of an infection. I am going tomorrow to the hospital for all the charges inquiry. I wish you all the best. Take care of your diet and health.
Hi dear. Firstly I wish you have your baby safe. Take care of yourself. The procedures of hospitals vary from hospital to hospital. I have not gone through such situation. I would suggest you take opinion from hospitals nearby. I think it is already the end of your term. Be very careful. All the best.
Well the amount of money that you are mentioning is huge. I am not sure if health insurance in your part is covering all this or not. As in my case, all our medical is covered by the health insurance. And all these issues should have been discussed and settled before. I am sorry I have not much knowledge. I hope you get some reply from someone else who has knowledge.
Without a solid protection arrangement, a C-area can cost somewhere around $30,000. All charging circumstances will be extraordinary, yet most doctor's facilities incorporate the research center work, medicines amid the stay, anesthesia, recuperation room, crisis room, the stay, ultrasounds, specialist expenses, and supplies. The normal C-area stay will be, at the very least, 72 hours or additionally, contingent upon how you are recouping and the specialist's suggestion.
Well, I know it's not easy for someone to pay it. I think you should go for it. But, well, I had my sister for this procedure and she had her insurance...So, it was covered. Don't be tensed! Think peacefully! You'll end up finding a way! Take care.
Hey kylie, what you are saying is bringing back so many memories for me, it was tough time when I was going through this and went into sudden labour so I couldn't research like you are, and inevitable, I had to kind of front the bill for all the things that you are saying . felt really cheated and I am sure that there are loopholes, you just need someone with a nursing or medical background to guide you a little bit. I hope that you find the advice that you nee and you don't have to spend so much like I had to. best of luck with the birth!
Hey there! I hope that you're doing good. First of all, congratulations that you're going to have a baby. It's the most wonderful feeling ever. Okay, so your case is way too similar to my sister's. She was also going to have a c-sec. But she doesn't have a personal anesthetist. You won't have to pay for the medication for the pain. Well, I don't think you will need a personal one, as you already have a private OB. So you should probably ask your OB if you need one or not. I know a family is a great blessing. In fact, children too, are a blessing. They need many efforts. Even before coming to this world. I don't have much information about this thing because I haven't experienced it myself. But my sister did. She didn't pay for a separate anesthetist. You can get some information from personal doc too. It will surely help you. I hope that this helps you. Take care of yourself. Best of luck!
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