Hi All

I am currently 31w and have just found out that the pain i Have been experiencing most of my pregnancy is due to symphysis pubic dysfunction (SPD). i am not sure how common this is but i have done some reading this morning about it and it seems its not that uncommon for us ladies to go through.

I have just received urgent referrals to physio and will be receiving belt/brace soon to help keep pelvic bones together and of course taking pain relief. This pain though has got me thinking about labour and birth and how on earth I will get through it.

I hadnt considered an elective c section before (if pain becomes worse between now and due date). but thought i would ask some of you ladies on here, has anyone had an elective c section after an SPD diagnosis? Whats your story? How did you come to this decision? Would you change your mind? Was it a good experience? Was it a bad experience? How were your pain levels prior to birth etc?

Any information will help me make my own decision in the coming weeks

Thanks in advance!!! grin