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I had my first baby thru C-section (breech) is there a possibility of normal delivery to my second?
Hi, Josephine!

I'm no expert on the matter, but I have had a C-section with my first child too. I'm going to base my answer on experiences of some women in my life. I know about 3 people, friends and family members, who had a C-section during their first (or second) pregnancies, but still managed to have a normal delivery with their next child. They said it also depends on the doctor if he/she would allow it, but if your OB-GYN said that it seems to be safe, then this is definitely a possibility.

Hope this helped answer your question. smile
Hi Josephine,

It will depend on your situation, and why you had a C-section first time round.
I know of ladies that had to have a c-section due to prolonged labour and bubs not responding well during labour and becoming stressed. Some have gone on to have a VBAC sucessfully and others went on to have another C-section with no complications at all.
Keep in mind too that they will not induce you if you've had a previous C-section and go over your due date.

If you are a low risk pregnancy and bubs is in the right position and all is good, I can't see why they will not let you try for a VBAC,

Best thing to do is speak to your Obs/midwife and tell them what your plans are and just go with the flow.

Good Luck.

Chelle, Pth,
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I had a c-section nearly 3 months ago, and I was told that I can have a vaginal birth, as long as I don't get pregnant within 2 years (from memory) - unless of course some complication (like last time) ie. big baby or whatever smile
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