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Overdue - C Section vs Induction Lock Rss

I just had the experience of an emergency c-section after going into labour naturally but after 17 hrs I was fully effaced but only 4cm dilated, with no engagement (posterior bub kept bouncing out of the pelvis) yet very painful active labour contractions only a minute apart. I would have preferred to try some alternate active birth techniques but the OB was concerned about bub's heart rate so the c-section was called. Recovery for me was downright agonising! The things you don't realise is that you cannot get out of bed to tend to your newborn right away so the nurses or your partner has to do everything. If there's nobody available to assist when bub wakes up and cries to be fed, it's heartbreaking to listen to them laying there crying when you can't get up to help them. Breastfeeding with a tummy wound is awkward and uncomfortable! You're not supposed to drive for about 6 weeks - so you're stuck relying on everyone to take you places or fetch you things…and you don't get to build your confidence with outings logistics like wrangling a pram in and out of the car (no lifting items heavier than your baby!) I've still got weird nerve pains that feel like boiling hot liquid being poured over me. The scar has healed neatly with no complications but it's still quite painful 11 weeks on - especially when my very active little man kicks his feet into me! I would personally not choose to have a c-section again and am actually a little hesitant to think about having a second baby, just in case I don't have an option for VBAC - I don't think I could handle the recovery again! My contractions were not induced and they were certainly rather painful, but I'd take that over months of post-surgery discomfort.
Can i just add to all of the above that your due date is nota definitive time that you should have your baby. It is an estimate only, and can easily be miscalculated or just off slightly. This is perfectly normal, and I'm only just realising this now that I'm expecting my second baby.

Last time I was 11 days "overdue". I thought this was eternity, but this time around I realise no, the date may have been slightly off and he would have come when he was ready had I not been induced. I had a "forced" labour 1st time which I believe resulted in my emergency Caesar, and inability to breastfeed afterwards. He simply wasn't ready yet and I feel like forcing the process just ruined the experience for us both. This time I will be opting for a natural delivery (if possible), where induction or Caesar will only be happening if my baby is in immediate distress or there is a serious risk to its (or my own) health.

Remember - anywhere between 38 weeks and 42 weeks is "NORMAL". smile
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