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How many Csections have you had. Lock Rss

Hi, kals84! First of all congratulations on getting pregnant again. How many weeks are you now? Thanks for sharing valuable information. As it is said in medicine, general physiology on all humans is the same but still every person is different. I would like to share the C section story of my sister. She has some pelvic issues due to which she cannot give vaginal birth. She has 4 kids and all through c section. The youngest one is 8 years old right now. She never had any issue with any pregnancy, and yes in case of c section the gap between the pregnancies is very important. All these complications like tearing of uterus and stuff could occur if there isn’t sufficient gap between the pregnancies. I wish you good luck and a healthy successful pregnancy.
Hey ladies. How are you all doing? I had a similar experience. I think I am the only woman who is able to deliver baby normally but requests for C sections. I am scared of normal deliveries. They scare the shit out of me. I can’t deal with these. So, for the first 2 babies, I had C section. For the 3rd time, I had a miscarriage. For the fourth, I had complications. Doctors scared me a lot about 4th C section. All the scary things you just told I got agreed for normal delivery it was on 29th of July. But I took so much stress that I had to go for an emergency C section on 24th of July. It was due to overstressing. Anyways, things went out fine. No complications happened. None of the scary things doctors told. Except one. Yeah, I had to do bed rest for 2 months after the pregnancy. But everything else went fine.
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