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How many Csections have you had. Lock Rss

Hi Kals84
I am trying to conceive my fourth child which will also be my fourth C-section.
I've done some online research about the risks and would recommend you do some reading too (if you haven't already) smile
From what I can see- the risks include:
Uterus rupture in third trimester
Scar dehiscence (where the existing scar splits open)
Bowel and bladder attachment to the scar tissue and/or damage during C-section
Problems with the placenta
Problems during surgery include excessive bleeding from atonic uterus (where the uterus doesn't contract back down after delivery and so keeps bleeding which can lead to massive blood loss and in rare cases, death)
The steps they take to address these issues:
Patients are classed as high risk and receive more monitoring throughout the pregnancy
Ultrasounds are performed to determine the position of the placenta, the uterus lining thickness, the scar thickness and anything else that will help the surgeon prepare for surgery. If any problems are found, it allows the surgeons to be prepared and have a plan for any additional procedures/techniques during surgery.
You will be blood typed and they will probably have blood ready in case of hemorrhage during surgery.
they will talk to you about tubal ligation and or hysterectomy before surgery and if it is getting dangerous- they may need to perform an emergency hysterectomy if blood loss is too severe and unable to be stopped.
You may be placed on bed rest at the end of the pregnancy, and may even be hospitalized depending on the risks.
I hope I haven't scared you with all this- but I find it helpful to know all the facts. I'm sure you will receive the very best care and everything will go well smile

I agree with lotsandlotsofbubbles- you should try and find a doctor who is supportive and who has cared for women in your situation.
I would love to hear how you are going throughout your journey. I'm hoping to be following in your brave steps soon and would love to have a buddy! wink
Best wishes! smile
Hi Ladies!

Congratulations Kals84, how many weeks are you?

i have had 4 cs, emergency oct 2009, emergency oct 2010, planned in march 2012, and i was booked for a planned one but ended up earlier with an emergency feb 2014 and am now due in april 2016 for our very last baby.

Its such a personal journey but i have a VERY experienced and supportive OB and i went to him before deciding for #4 #5 but here we are going one last time.

In my experience my operations went really well i had no complications, the pregnancies for bub #3 & #4 on the other hand felt very long and painful but #3 went quite well i made it to 39wks and bub was really good. but when Ob cut he found my uterus was very thin and could see babies VERY VERY faint sprinkling of hair thru the last layer sad and this baby was on the smaller size and that we were to have a 2yr gap (we made 23months smile )

But low and behold along came my next bub and this baby had growth restrictions right from 20wks and i was being watched very very closely with full ultrasounds every 2 wks and ctgs twice weekly. we made it to 36wks and had a fairly healthy small bub which stayed in special care for neally 3wks. When OB took the baby out he found that my uterus was quite good. (no reasons for growth restrictions)
so here we are again. we have everything crossed that there will be no issues this time around!

I agree with the other ladies you need to find an OB that is experienced and supportive to you and your needs.

i'm happy to chat anytime, its a stressful time.

All the best! smile

loo lou can I ask you a few questions?
Did/do you have an atonic uterus with any of your pregnancies?
Were you placed on bed rest or hospitalized at any point?
Do you have a lot of adhesions? How did the surgeon go when he/she was cutting through them?
Thin uterus- was there anything you did between your third and fourth to 'rejuvenate' your uterus?
How is your scar holding up?
I would love to hear from you as Im hoping to fall pregnant with my fourth smile
Thanks smile
Townsangel wrote:
loo lou can I ask you a few questions?
Did/do you have an atonic uterus with any of your pregnancies?
Were you placed on bed rest or hospitalized at any point?
Do you have a lot of adhesions? How did the surgeon go when he/she was cutting through them?
Thin uterus- was there anything you did between your third and fourth to 'rejuvenate' your uterus?
How is your scar holding up?
I would love to hear from you as Im hoping to fall pregnant with my fourth smile
Thanks smile

Hey yes for sure, its so worrying when there is so many things that can go wrong.

Have no Idea what a Atonic uterus is?

I have a lot of faith in my OB and hope that he's checked everything, as they don't believe they have a reason why my last 2 babies have been smaller. my placenta was good both times.

No i didn't have any bed rest, no they never said anything about any adhesions
and each time he cuts a baby out i got sort of a tummy tuck as they would cut out the old scar tissue wink

The only thing different was the time frame… being only 12mths exact between the first 2 then only 16mths between the 3 & 4 he thinks that was my problem.
So I'm hoping that being 25mths between 4 & 5 might help a lot.

I don't know about others but I'm a plus size lady, i have a tender spot in my scar this time but generally I'm good, i do get a few nagging pains when i lift really heavy things but that probably that I'm unfit!

happy to chat about things.

do you have a good OB? What state are u in?

I'm in Qld and unfortunately use the public system :/

My C-sections were very far apart.
12 years ago- My son was emergency section after failure to progress (I made it to 3cm dilation after 3 terrible days!). The surgery was fine and I recovered well. The only issue was that he was HUGE! 11 pounds at 38 weeks!

8 years ago- My daughter was planned C-section. I have recently read the surgery notes and it says that my bladder was stuck to the uterus and was carefully separated without damage. And also that my uterus was very thin. She was 8 lb 10oz at 39 weeks.

2 years ago- My baby girl was planned section again. Notes on the operation state that I have a lot of adhesions and my uterus was atonic (it didn't contract back down after delivery and so it kept bleeding) and because of this, I had a small hemorrhage. This seems to be quite a common issue for women who have several children and/or large babies, so I'm not surprised it happened to me after housing my giants! wink My baby girl was 9lb 6oz smile It also says that my uterus scarring is quite jagged :/
My existing scar wasn't excised which annoys me! :/ They could (probably SHOULD) have tidied up in there for me! wink

For these reasons, my doctor isn't supportive of me having another baby but I'm dissatisfied with the way she handled the discussion. She didn't explain the issues and risks, and didn't advise of the steps they can take to address them. She just said "It's too sticky in there".
Having said that, another doctor said that he doesn't see why I couldn't go again, and that I'd be high risk and be seen by the hospital doctors for the whole pregnancy rather than my normal "share care" arrangement.
I found all of my information online, and am aware of the risks and accept that they may have to take my whole uterus during the next C-section (I'd be having a tubal ligation anyway).

Would love to keep in touch with you as you progress through your latest pregnancy smile
Very nice information.
im wondering if your still floating about on here?
Hi I have 7 c sections on to my 8th in about 4 weeks
I've had 4 c/s and about to have my 5th, I'm currently 32w 2 days. I'm classed as "high risk" due to the amount of C-sections I've had and I am having scans every 2 weeks right up to 38 weeks to monitor baby.
I went to a private hospital with my first 4 children and never got told the amount of C-sections you were allowed to have. Hence we tried for baby #5.
So with this one we decided to go public and I was told that the normal allowance for c-sections was 3 and if I wanted to continue with the pregnancy considering it was "high risk" sad

I think as long as your uterus is still in tack and not thin and you've got no other complications then why not try for another bubs. Maybe get an ultra sound done too, to check your scar tissue and uterus and make sure that everything is good and ready to house another pregnancy and go from there.

Good luck!

Chelle, Pth,
DD 2006, DS 2008, DS 2012, DS 2013
Baby #5 due November 2016.

Fantastic information but have just scared myself slightly.... will be having my 3rd c section in may. My scar already hurts a fair bit (especially when sneezing). Everyones turned out ok right?
I'm going to be having my 5th cesarean in February
hi dear. You have shared some awesome piece of information. I have heard that now there can be c section for even six to seven babies. Is this true? I have my daughter via c section. I want to know that is it possible to have a number of kids through c section. Well, I am hoping to have a normal baby my second time. It is very difficult. Doctors usually do not wait for normal birth when the first one is c section. Anyways I hope that all the good things happen to everyone. This c section thing is very dangerous. I have seen a lot of severe cases. It scares me every time. I wish every pregnant woman have a normal birth.
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