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Hi ladies (gents?)

New to this forum so I hope I'm posting in the correct section.

We are planning for baby number 2 and after my emergency c-section 4 years ago I was told that I can only ever have Caesar. Due to the horrible experience last time (shared room, no sleep, bad food, horrible pain) I have decided to go private.

What doctors would you guys recommend SOR? I am with BUPA and not sure how it all works in terms of doctor's fees? These would be all out of pocket im assuming?

Would love some advice ????
Hi Mira, I can recommend both Dr Brian Molloy and Dr Colin Blair at St John of God Murdoch. I had Dr Molloy for 8 months and then transferred to Dr Blair for the last month as Dr Molloy was having knee replacement surgery. Dr Blair did my c section. I recovered quickly and was driving after 2 and a half weeks. Murdoch hospital was great. Midwives were wonderful and I really enjoyed the food there. My husband was able to stay with me the whole time as well.

Hi Mira,
I too can say that Drs Molloy and Blair are good. Dr Molloy delivered babies 1 and 3 and Dr Blair delivered babies 2 and 4 for me all via C-section at SJG Murdoch. I did not have a pleasant experience first time, but that was with the anesthetist not getting the spinal block right the first time and me being in so much pain when he had to do it a second time. The other 3 times were pleasant. Staff are great and food is, yes, wonderful!

Chelle, Pth,
DD 2006, DS 2008, DS 2012, DS 2013
Baby #5 due November 2016.

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