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Elective c section frowned upon. Lock Rss

I have had a natural birth and it was a horror. 5 hours in second stage, baby turned posterior and forceps all resulting in me prolapsing at 28. It took me 3 months to recover from. Not all natural births are as awesome as everyone makes out! Am seriously considering c section next time around...
bobbie4n... im just curious, did you get your csection? im in nz and an going elective this time, first was emergency after a very long and failed induction

kittkatt... my reason is: because i can! grin
I have had terrible anxiety about giving birth vaginally from week 30. I have had a couple of UTIs that landed me in hospital in the past and am mentally not coping with experiencing a higher level of pain down there for an extended and unknown period of time. I am getting a letter from my psychiatrist to have an elective c section and my midwife is going to support me. She thinks it will be possible smile If you have a past history of seeing a psych for anxiety I believe it's a bit easier.
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