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I have a c-sect booked in for a couple of weeks time, and just wondering if anyone knows if you can wear make up and have nail polish on when you have a c-sect???

I know that this all sounds a bit precious, but my girlfriends and I were talking and it came up in conversation and none of us were certain of the answer.

There is no mention of whether you can or can't in the hospital hand out info sheet of 'what to expect and how to prepare' for your surgery, and was thinking of asking my midwife when I see her next, but just wondering what others experiences were?

Hope you're all having a great weekend! smile

Hi, I had a c-section 3 weeks ago and they took my nail polish of when I was waiting to go into theatre. I had mascara on though and that was fine.
Hope that helps
you cannot have nail polish, even on your toes and it will depend on the doc about makeup, but generally no as they use alcohol to sterilize area so cant have anything flamable..

oh, and im sure you know but if you are not waxed down there they will shave you. may do that anyway.

I have had 3 and found you will recover quicker the more you move you feet n legs and the less painkillers you have.

goodluck and enjoy bubs.
Oh my gosh don't even mention the waxing word!! lol

I had it done last week in preperation and it was 20 times more painful than it is when you're not pregnant! Everything is just so much more sensitive now and it took a good 3 days for the swelling to go down!

I was under the impression that you couldn't wear nailpolish on your fingernails as it effects the oxygen saturation reading on the O2 Sat machine, and that you couldn't wear makeup as the drs and midwifes need to asses the colour of your skin whilst in surgery and recovery... which makes sense to me, but as no one at the hospital has mentioned it to me then I started to wonder if this was outdated information???

Not that it's really a big deal, I'm there to have a baby delivered safely, not to look like a movie star! lol wub

Yeah no nail polish as they cannot get a 100% read on your oxygen levels.

I know a girl who wore make-up to hers... she was a perfectionist and got her hair curled and make-up done so her photos looked good hahaha...
It might depend on your doctor, I would suggest asking your midwife/obs about make-up.
So... I just spoke to a friends mum who is a midwife in day surgery at the hospital I'm having my section at... And apparently nail polish on fingers and toes is totally ok now as the machines are designed to be able to go through Acylic nails now days, so nail polish is on the approved list... And make up is ok, but advisable to not if u can help it. Waterproof mascara and lip gloss is fine, but heavy foundation is not recommended so medical staff can see any changes in circulation clearly.
I am so tempted to do total glamour make up just to see if I'd get away with it daaaaaahlink...Who am I kidding, I'm on the 6am list, they'll be lucky if I can even open my eyes by then! smile

I wore toe nail polish for my c-sections and it wasn't an issue. I also wore minimal make up (no foundation or skin make up, just a little [waterproof] mascara etc..) and it wasn't an issue. I think it depends on the nurse you get/hospital you deliver at.
hi there Serendipity575 just want to ask what hospital was that? i just had my manicure and pedicure done with shellac and sns.. i'm also having a CS.. do i really have to get my nails shellac and sns removed?
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