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HI everyone smile

i was just wondering for those mums who have had both a vaginal birth and c section do you feel you bonded better with the vaginal birthed baby than the c section one?

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

You bond exactly the same with both births.. nothing is different, you are just walking around slower

these days when they take you into recovery and everything is ok they will give you skin on skin contact nothing is diffrent just the way come out

had 2 C-SECTION and a proud mum

thanks for the replies, i just know a friend who has had a c section birth and she feels less connected with that child due to the experience as opposed to her other children. just seeing if that is something that has happened to others.

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

I can't really comment because I've only had caesareans, but I've got a theory that basically says that caeser mums don't bond well with bubs not because of the birth itself, but because of their feelings because they birthed that way (feelings of failure, inadequecy, etc.) Perhaps that might be it?

I would completely agree with George+CharliesMum.

After 17 hours of labour with my first dd I needed an emergency caesar. The instant we saw our dd we were so happy we had tears in our eyes.

But with the 'much unwanted' elective for our 2nd dd, when she was born, I did not experience that instant rush of emotion. It sounds terrible, but I was like "yeah, its just a baby". But as soon as she started suckling, there came the rush of love I'd experienced with our 1st dd.

I have only experienced a c-section. After a failed induction with a day of full on contractions i was given an emergency c-section. The spinal block did not work so i had to be put to sleep for the whole thing and woke up about 1.5 hrs after my boy was born. My husband held him and both my parents saw him before i even woke up. I always thought this would bother me but when it happened all i cared about was that people that loved him would be there to hold him when he was born so he wouldn't feel scared or alone.

I had no trouble bonding at all. I found out the sex at 20 weeks and had already named him and felt like i knew him. When i finally got to hold him he felt familiar straight away. We had already bonded so i felt a huge rush of love and emotion the instant i saw him (although the morphene may have helped with this! lol)

I think we all bond differently and at different times and it will happen no matter what the circumstances are. We put to much pressure on ourselves sometimes. My son entered this world in a completely unideal way and i couldn't love the little monkey any more if i tried!!!!!


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