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It's actually a smart idea. With DS I had a c/s and felt like crap afterwards. Everyone showed up 4 hrs after he was born and I was a mess - emotionally and pain wise. With DD I said no visitors and yeah everyone did get cranky, but after last time there was no way I was going through it again. In the end I felt good, 2nd c/s was easier then the first, so I allowed my mum and MIL only. Everyone else waited for the next day. Stick to your guns, tell the nurses you are not wanting visitors and dont give out your room number till the next day. Good Luck!
Absolutely not! Everybody needs to respect your wishes, crikey's, you'll have just gone through major abdominal surgery. Moving will be hard enough! I think you can tell the staff to refuse visitors on your behalf??? Maybe give them a call and ask them... Do they know the date of your caesar yet????
You are most definely not a B*tch. With me second c/s we did not even tell some people until after it had been done. We also say to people the doctor has said no vistors worked a treat for those who wanted to rush in after the birth. And after a c/s there is so much going on any vistor that do turn up would be sent away prety quick.
Hell no!!! stick to your guns. We have always had that rule especially when having other children. We always say no to visitors for the first day so we can meet bubs with our children first....

Good on you... you are not being a bitch.

No way your not being a bitch with DS I'd been up for 48 hrs and I told DF I wanted no vistors anyways he's mum wanted to come up straight away and bring DF's 2x brothers 2xsisters hes step dad and hes nephew aswell... I got on the phone and said "no way the babys going to be here for the rest of life, hes not going anywhere" she was not impressed at all, and that was after a natural birth, I could only imagine how you'd feel after a ceaser. Stand your ground and tell them, its your decision, your birth and your baby.

Its a good idea if you ask me. I had heaps of vistors the night of my C section despite me saying the next day would be better. After I had some water and something to eat I ended up projectile vomiting over three of them so I bet they don't visit anyone on the first day again LOL!
i told everyone not to rush straight up to the hospital, they had to wait till i was ready, i hated that everyone showed up when rhylie was born as soon as he was born and i was in the shower, then at rest time.

i also told the MW that no was was to come in until i said it was ok.
the MW dont like it when you have visitors straight away anyway, mine asked if i could hold back the visitors also.
Not sure of the date yet. BUt I don't think I'll lie, I'll just be telling it to them straight. When DS was born they were all there while he was being born and afterwards! There were 8 of them! Then they would all come at the same time to visit me and I go public so the room was always full of my visitors! It was so stressful and loud and annoying. Mum has tried everything, even saying that if she doesn't see me for her own piece of mind (DS's birth was very traumatic and we nearly lost him) then she will be stressed out and won't be able to cope. I think I will just be saying no visitors till the next morning and that I have told the doctors and midwives.
Oh and the other thing is that mum and dad are looking after DS#1, so when I ask DH to go get him and bring him up, he'll have to fight my mum out of the car lmao
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that is actually a really sensible thing to request if you ask me ..your not saying dont come at all like I did saying please wait a day or so ....and really what is the diffrence between a one day old and a two day old baby ...none ..they still sleep and still look all smooshed up ...stick to it mate !!

ask the MW to not let any visitors in ...

get aquainted with your new baby ..let your DS1 have a cuddle ..make sure you can feed properly ..then let the visitors come !!

I dont let them near the hospital ...I ask them to visit when I get home ...that way I am in more respectable clotes with out my boobs hanging out and I have showered and can at least walk ....

your not being a cow ..your beig realisitic !!

hope it all gos well for you mate !!
No you're not being a b...!! I would probably have no worries with immediate family but definiately no friends until next day or even day after. I had a natural birth with both girls and I had 1 visitor with DD#1 (didn't know many people here then and the ones we did now visited at home) and DD2 my bestie was up that night but the other friends didn't come until 2 days later. MIL was over from NZ so I thought it rude to tell her to stay away lol!!!!
See I was the opposite after I had Skye who was born by emergency c/s.

DH had to go home and take care of the kids and I have no one in Sydney, It was horrible, what I'd have given to have my family around or just someone that could pick bub up for me etc.

But then I also do understand your choice, Dont be made feel like a b!tch because of it, Stick to your guns!
Not at all. It is about you and your baby, not them. It would be very selfish of them to go against your wishes. I would be so annoyed if I had requested the same thing and they showed up anyway, like what I want does not matter!!!!
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