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Hi ladies, I have just found out that my OB has booked me for the 15th April (EDD 16th April) as this is the closest he can get me in - date available prior I am just under 38 weeks.

Just wondering how many others have been so close to their due date and not gone into labour.

This is my third, 1st born by emergency c/s after foetal distress (I was induced just over 41 weeks and he never engaged - they then said his head was to big), 2nd born by elective at 38 weeks due to head size and baby being larger than my first) this one I was basically not given an option as no OB in our area would deliver baby VBAC after 2 c/s.

I am just nervous as it is so close to my EDD. Having said that my 2nd son had a few breathing, feeding complications for the first 8 hours or so after birth and I am hoping with this one being full term we may avoid this worry.
Experiences appreciated.
Hi Cindy

I cant really help because my DS was breech and I was booked in for my c/s two days after my due date. I ended up going into labour the day before so they basically just did the c/s early.

You're righ - having bub closer to full term is better I think but dont' stress too much about it.

The chances of going into labour are minimal but if you do, don't stress - they'll just do your c/s earlier than anticipated!

Good luck - I hope everything goes smoothly.

Hi, I had first c/s at 40wks plus 6days after a long labour and DD couldnt get out (posterior & slightly twisted).
This time Im booked in and will be 39wks plus 4days (26/01/09) - mostly my choice as I wanted bub to be as close to the due date as possible.
My Ob just said if we go before then he'll deliver then smile
Goodluck and Ill post and let you know how we went.


I had my 2nd c/s on my due date, was hoping for a vbac. Didn't have any problems except the placenta had started breaking down so when it was lifted out it started sticking to me. My first c/s, DS was born with breathing difficulties and spent time in the nicu which was a result of a c/s before my due date. DD had no such problems. If you go into labour you will just get your c/s earlier than anticipated.
Hi there,

We're having a caesarian two days before our due date. This is our second one. It will be this coming Tuesday. Haven't gone into labour yet, so fingers crossed it will stay that way!

The doc said if I happen to go into labour earlier, it will still be a caesar but they call it an emergency one instead of elective.

I too thought it was strange to be booked that close to my due date. They say it is good to go as long as possible so that you know baby is ready to come and if he comes early, then again you know he's ready! When I found out the date of our caesar I came on here and had a look and only found one person who had complications from it being that close and they said that the placenta had already started breaking up ready for birth and was harder to fix her up. Everything else has been very positive.

All the best



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Hi there, I had my DS at 41wks6days after being induced and not progressing due to him being too big for me and posterior, he was great and hit the ground running so to speak. Then with my DD I booked my CS for 41wks as I refused to have the baby too early as although my DS was nearly 2wks late and a good size he had no wrinkling and dry skin etc which is common when overdue that much. The doc and my midwife both thought he was perfectly cooked. That's why I didn't want my DD to be taken out too early and potentially be 3-4wks early. She ended up being c/s 40wks 4 days because of complications with her position and may have still been a touch early, but was also very happy.
So anyway I would agree with you that the closer to full term the better. That is just my opinion everyone is different, good luck with your new bubs, Spyro xx

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hi i am having my 3rd c-section on the 3rd of feb my due date is 6th of feb i thought the same but seems normal depending on the hospital good luck with it all

had 2 C-SECTION and a proud mum

hi i am having my 3rd c-section on the 3rd of feb my due date is 6th of feb i thought the same but seems normal depending on the hospital good luck with it all

had 2 C-SECTION and a proud mum

i had one at 41 weeks by scan dates (42.5 by my dates) without going into labour
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