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Pregnant 7 months after c section.. Lock Rss

I had my bubba boy Ethan 8 months ago and I am now 5weeks pregnant..
Can anyone tell me if they have gotten pregnant not that long after a ceaser and will I tare? and what r my chances of having a natural birth?
Cause I really don't want another c section!! sad it took me ages to feel betta!! and esp now I got my boy to look after plus a new bubba..
any advice be great
I had 2 ceaserns due to medical reasons and my boys are only 11months apart.
I am now 6 months pregnant again, so i've had ds in feb 07 2nd ds in jan 08 & this bub due in between jan & feb 09.

I cant see why you cant try for a natural birth just tell the midwifes and doctors that you want that.
I dont think you would tear i didnt

Hope this helps
i have 2 c-section because of medical reasons and my last was november 2007 and i am pregnant again and i am 31 weeks pregnant they told me because of it been so early i had to have another but i think you need to talk to hospital about it i think it depends on policy etc and the health of you and the baby wish you all the best

had 2 C-SECTION and a proud mum

My friend fell pregnant 3mths after her first c/s and 5mths after her second. Her OB said it was fine to do so however she would have to have c/s being less then 12mths between c/s and the next pregnancy. I just had my second c/s and recovered so much better than my first. Was up and about without painkillers on day 2. They always say your second is much better than your first and it proved true for me.
Hi i would chat with you OB to ask if you are still able to try for a VB they may recommend against it as you got pregnant relatively quickly and they usually recommend 12 months between c-section and pregnancy.
I got pregnant with my 2nd 10months after and was told that my delivery will be a c-section as not leaving 12months puts you at a higher risk of complications during birth and the risk of having to have an emergency c-section anyways. So i am booking my c-section to be on the safe side. But i also have the added complication that i am expecting another 4kg plus baby.
Hi all..
no docs told me bout leaving 12months between c/s oh well to late now..
My d/s was 4.2kg so i may have another big bubba..
there is a lot of things i find out from other mothers that docs have not told me..
thanks for everyone's advice..
id still love to hear from any others!! grin
I have had 2 c-sections 12 months apart. 1st c/s was elective (breech) & the 2nd c/s was emergency due to my waters breaking before my c/s date (breech). My recovery was a lot better with my 2nd c/s. My youngest DS is now 14mths old and we starting to TTC again.

I fell preg when my baby boy was only 11 months old.

I had an emergnacy c-section and knew the next one i didnt want. I ended up having another emergancy c-section again with the second one.

I now have been told to wait until my body recovers from all the stress that its been through.

We want a thrid but have to have it by c-section.

My bigget problem we telling my doctores that i wanted to give birth by myself that i didnt want c-section. turned out i should of took the doctors advice and had one. Now i have been cut across like normal and inside up as well.

I have been told now that when i have my 3rd i am not allowd to go into labour and the inside one can split real easy and i will bleed to death if i go into labour by myself.

Its realy scary for me because both boys came a week early and was very small my youngest was only 4 pound and i could be having a baby smaller then that next time. Even though they say the more you have the bigger they get which i went from big to small lol.

The only reson why the doctores let me go the second time was because the first hospital i had my baby in their was no note on why i needed a emergancy c-section all i know was the babys heart beat had almost gone and they needed it out now due to them having stuffed me around.

But when i had my second they had found out that his head was stuck and i have a small pelvise bone and this is why i can't deliver babys on my own. If the first hospital would of added that to their notes all would be fine today.

Sorry if it scares you but i just needed to let people know that sometimes the doctores are right. Even though us as mothers have better understanding of our own bodys.

TTC a baby girl

DD was emergency c-section, did go into labour but was on a drip as nothing had happened, she then turned prostier & after 12hrs was not getting anywhere & was in so much pain that when they thought that I would have to have a c anyway DH & i chose to have c as it seemed the best way to keep us both alive & healthy. It did take forever to recover. Had 2nd c 2yrs after the first, wanted to go natural but as was having twins and they were not in the right position I had another c-section, I was huge & didnt tear but recovered really well with 2nd c. Was talking to a midwife about it and she said it was cause I never went into labour & cervix never dillated that u tend to recover better & 2nd time round, ur tummy muscles r also a bit looser so they dont have to do so much pushing & pulling & also depends on how bub is positioned.. I think that u need to have a chat with Dr & midwives about what u want but a planned c-section is alot better than having to have a emergency one & even worse having bub go into distress & u getting knocked out totally (happened 2 a friend) & not getting to greet ur new bub. Make sure u find out all the risks involved in a natural, u will be surprised at how many there r, it seemed much safer 2 us at the end to have a c then go natural after I did all my homework on it, but dosent mean that I wanted a c but my bubs took that out of my hands. I was scared shitless having my 2nd c but I put my recover down to epidural tape coming undone day after so had 2 take it out, so was on oral painkillers earlier & the best one to help ur recovery is the anti-inflamatary, also try & get the physio to give u the stocking band asap I got mine day 2 & as it supported my tummy I found it a lot easier to get around. Hope that helps any. By the way BF is on her 3rd c, never gone into labour due to hip problems & she just bounces back. DD2 was 10mths old when she got pregnant shes due in Feb & still no probs.
Hi there i got pregnant with number four 6 months after number 3 what a shock. I had too have a c section as i had already had two but you should be able to go natural if you have no complications Talk it over with your midwife or doctor and they will tell you the best opitions for you. I have had 3 prem babies thats why i have had c sections number 5 is due in april but i will most likly have her at 23-24 weeks. So another c section is on the cards
I have 3 children and the forth on the way, my pelvic bones narrow, so unfortunatly I can't have babies naturally. I fell with my third not long after the second (I waited for that menstral cycle after you stop feeding, well it never came).
I had no problems with my c section scar at all, even after the operation there was no major problems. I am 28 weeks pregnant now and still don't seem to have any discomfort (touch wood).
As far as being able to go naturally, like what everyone else is saying it all depends on the reason for the emergency csection, if it's a situation that may be different (like baby being stressed or breached) this time round may be different and give it a go. As the problem lies with me I am unable to deliver naturally no matter how I tried it would be too risky for baby and me.

I understand you fear having a c section again, I totally understand I am having number 4 soon and I still dread the thought, but on a good note I found that the recovery was heaps faster and less painful with the 2 and 3 c section, now wether thats because I ellected with those ones and my body didn't go through the truma or if it was a case of my body already been there done that.

I hope this helps,

Hi there

I can't see why you can't try for a VBAC. Once your bub is born there will be about 16months in between? Somewhere around there.

You need to find a good supportive Ob if this is what you want to do. Uterine rupture is extremely rare and a good Ob will never let you get to the point of danger to your baby or you!

You will most probably be strapped to monitors (which is probably the safest way) so if the baby goes into distress then they might take you for another c-section.

You'll be closely monitored! There's no harm in trying. I had a VBAC 3.5months ago and it was the most amazing feeling
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