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Why do I feel like noone understands Why I am terr Lock Rss

Im just wondering if anyone else was concerned about being made to birth in the regular ward?
I was in the birth centre all set for a second natual no intervention birth and bam my mid wife quit so they chucked all her women out AT 35 WEEKS!! So now I am resigned to a birth in a regular ward which I am worried about because my last birth was not what I wanted! (Because the birth centre was under staffed, so I got sent to a reg ward and made to birth on my back! OUCH does not cover it!)
Noboby seems to understand my push to find a midwife to help me have a home birth:( They all think its a "very expensive way" to have a child:'((( I don't this is my last child, and I don't want some random stranger delivering my baby and telling me what to do:-(

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totally understand! keep pushing, you will find one. it can be expensive, but i am using my baby bonus to cover it when i get preg again.
i too don't want a total stranger telling me what to do, and was very unhappy with my hospital birth.
maybe try and find some homebirthy type ppl in your area? can i ask where you are?
that sucks that you got dumped so late on. i hope you can find someone who will help you have the birth you want.

I completely understand you.

Two things stood out at me from your post (apart from the being afraid of going to a hospital)

1) the people who think it a very expensive way of birthing probably wouldnt be saying it, if you were going to a private ob and hospital, and obviously wouldnt be saying it if they new how deep seated your fear was.I have heard of woman paying more for their private experiences after their rebate, than other pay for their homebirth.

and 2) kind of follows on from this, think about the costs if you DO go to hospital. Not even counting the chance of having a caesar, if you are afraid, you may get ptsd, or pnd, then your whole life will be affected, and it could cost you even more for therapy afterwards.

So Yes, I completely understand as I have been almost in your situation before.

Can you contact the woman who was your midwife and see what she suggests?
Definitely look into all your options to find the situation you are most comfortable with.
It'd definitely be worth the money to have a homebirth then to have a horrible hospital birth..
Good luck and I hope it turns out for the best for you...
what happens if u have an unexpected complication during labour?
Posted by: peggynbindy
what happens if u have an unexpected complication during labour?

You're in big trouble.

SO not worth the risk, IMO. Sorry ladies.
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if there is a complication, your midwife carries resucitation equipment, but would be able to know something was happening through monitoring the baby throughout.

In this event, you would simply transfer to hospital.

So, no, the shit doesnt hit the fan.
Oh so it's just a simple transfer to the hospital??? Ha! SIMPLE???

Hello, your baby is distressed, and you just simply wait for the ambulance to arrive, take you to hospital, get to the delivery suite, get checked, and well what do you know, TOO LATE!!!

Not worth my baby's life, if you ask me. The birth should be about what is best for the baby, not the mother.
homebirth is whats best for the baby. perhaps if you go find the statistics, you would be more up to date with the subject.

And before you say, you cant believe EVERYTHING you read on the internet, no you cant, but I do choose to take up the same research and statistics of our top maternity hospital over here that offers govt funded homebirth as a safe option, and the same research and statistics that are making there be a reform of maternity services to include more places on the program and more promoting it as a safe option for a healthy pregnancy and also the same statistics that have had numerous politicians/obstetritions talking for a while now throughout the reform being put forward.

In the event of a risk, yes hospital may be the place to be, but in a straight forward birth, it is well known that homebirth is safe. The transfer rate of the homebirth program is low and the mortality rate is virtually non existant, compared to hospital and birth centre statistics.

So If you would like a link to these reputable and medically issued statistics, please ask and then perhaps we can talk with more facts in front of us.
and if you think someone would actually CHOOSE to stay at home with no drugs, for fun, um no. The reasons for a homebirth ARE generally for the baby, gentle entry, not drugged, at home straight away, less risk of a caesarian, therefore less risk of the baby being left till full term in utero and choosing when it is ready to come out, not either being handled by numerous strangers, or hearing its mother/father arguing with the care providers to leave them alone.

kaitlins mum
i SOOOOOOOO agree with everything u said! u couldnt of put it better. but let me add one thing.

hundreds of years ago child birth was risky, its not now days cos most people have bubs at hossy with all medical equipment there and then..

like what happens if u r bleeding to deeth and need surgery like now! not in 5 minutes...
or bubs is distressed and needs like full on care.. **** DOES happen
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Kaitlins Mum - I am with you - my friend in NZ knows of a girl who was forced to birth at a feeder hospital (for subsequent or 2nd babies after a normal VB first time round with no complications you are encouraged to feeder hospital not CHCH Womens where all the necessary equipment is for emergency. Well long story short after textbook birth with bubs #1 it all went horribly wrong with #2, distressed baby, 45 minutes for ambulance to arrive and baby now has brain damage and other issues as a rsult of this. It ewas actually proven in court that had help been immediately available the outcome would have been of a positive nature. This case is so sad and as I do know of this girl my heart goes out to her. While this may not happen in every instance it is certainly a reminder things can and do go wrong and personally I would rather be where help is seconds not hours away. Good luck with your birth and new baby.
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