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Well I guess some have already heard the sad news ??

Jess 3 monkeys little man Luke tragically passed away last night !!

I have just spoken to Jess on the phone and she has asked me to post a little something on her behalf !!

Luke was 5 and uber excited to start school in the next week or so ..unfortunatly that was not to be the case as he was taken far to early due to a heart attack !! he will be buried next week in his school uniform ...

lots of scetchy details so far ...but Jess and her family are surrounded by loved ones and she is doing ok ..she is a trooper !!

there are no words that will express how I am feeling tonght and I am sure most of you share them with me !! Love ya Jess ..xoxox

my heart is absolutly broken !!

RIP Lukey, you were so very loved and cherished.
Much love to you and your family Jess, I'm here if you need anything at all. XO

It's one of those times where there is nothing you can say.
But we're thinking of you and your family Jess.
My deepest condolences, Jess and family. My heart goes out to you all at this time.

May you rest in peace Luke :'(
how my heart aches - Jess I am so so sorry. I wish that there was something. anything that i could do to bring back your brave little man. it just goes to show that they only take the very best up there.

all my love
All I can say is my heart aches for you and your family Jess. He was such a brave little boy, as are you. RIP Luke xo
Jess I know we haven't spoken in a while, but when I heard this absolutely gut wrenching news, my heart broke for you. I'm not ashamed to admit that I bawled like a baby. Thinking of Luke's smiling face and all that you must be going through, just tore me in two.

I know nothing that I can say can possibly do justice to what I want to convey, but please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.........If there is anything, and I mean ANYTHING, no matter how big or small that I can do, please let me know via Frances.

Love to all your family Jess. Stay strong and know that you are loved by so many, as is Luke. He will never be forgotten.

Love always Mary aka benmar. mwah xx
ooh Jess I'm so sorry to hear this its devastating news. I wish their was more I could do then send u a GBH to u and all of your family..

I just wanted to say also thankyou for sharing his story and journey with us and I dont think he is someone that will be forgotten..

Lots of Love Kelly and Darcy
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Oh i am so sorry for your devastating loss. I as well wish there was more i could do than just offer words and hugs.

So sad...

My thoughts and prayers go out to Jess and her family

Ree xx
oh my god, such sad sad news! RIP little man. your story was an inspiration to all.
aww Jess I am so sorry for you and your family's loss. I really don't know what else to say, life is so unfair.
RIP Luke you will be dearly missed little buddy.

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