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Your Labour and Birth


Did you know that Spotify have put together a Birthing Playlist?

From Salt n'Pepa's Push it to Cold Play's Don't Panic….Check out the full pla...

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Pain relief during labour

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C section post c section

I hear a lot about vbac stories but anyone opted for c section again post a c section? My whole ...

1 reply

I have had two C-sections. My first was because our DD was breech and she was also small. It was a planned C-section. We were advi...


Who was in the delivery room with you?

Your other half / mum / best friend?

6 replies

I had my partner and mum. Ended up having an emergency c section so only my partner was allowed to come into theatre with me.


Did your birth experience match your expectations? Tell us about it!

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Rapid birth vs normal birth

I saw a forum before about which hurts more a rapid birth or a normal birth? With my first son i ...

2 replies

My two births were completely different, my first I was at the hospital with back pain at midnight and after an internal found I was...


Pain relief during labour

Do you have any pain relief plans for the birth like an epidural or a TENS machine?

1 reply

My plan was to use gas when needed, but that was foiled sigh! I had major acid reflux when pregnant and unfortunately during labour ...


Tell us about your child birth story or read through some others!

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Worried about pain relief during birth?

Have you thought about how you will manage pain relief during the birth? Let us know what you are...

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Hi there, Just wondering if any one has attempted/accomplished VBA2C. I am planning on having VBA...

8 replies

Fantastic! Thank you for the inspiration. I am due in August and I have had 1x planned c-section (due to pelvic fractures) 1x emerge...


Midwife - West Christchurch

Hi I live in Halswell, Christchurch. Could you please recommend a midwife. I am 36 - had a miscar...

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Who was in the delivery room with you?

Partner? Mum? Best Friend? Other?

2 replies

With my first my intention was to have my partner and my mum with me but we ended up needing to have an emergency cesarean so only m...


Hospital visits - what do you think?

Who do you want to come for hospital visits and / or what did you find too much?

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Pre labour signs??

I'm 33+3 and last night woke up with terrible stomach pains (sorry for tmi and had explosive...

3 replies

Everyone is different but it does sound like it could possibly be pre labour, however that can last a week - best to get checked.


Packing a hospital bag for Hutt Hospital

I am just beginning to pack my 'hospital bag' and would love to know what Hutt Hospital...

2 replies

Hi Ej...I gave birth there a week ago and they don't provide much. You need to bring your own nappies, make sure you bring ple...


Support person for labour and birth

Hi all I am currently completing a Diploma in Childbirth Education. As a part of this course I ha...

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Auburn Hospital

Hello ladies, has anyone given birth at Auburn hospital? I am thinking of going public and we are...

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What do you think are the most important things to pack in your hospital bag?

Tell us what you had in yours or what you wished you'd had...

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Westmead Private or Norwest Private

Hi to all the wonderful mothers and fathers out there, I have just found out that I am pregnant w...

4 replies

Westmead private has an amazing feeding room where you can get help from a lactation consultant and chat to the other Mum's it ...


Epidural in Australia?

Hey lovely mummas, I was just wondering if anyone has been offered or has had an epidural in Aus...

14 replies

Thanks for all your replies ladies, I've been reading up on the subject and I think I want to g for one, if I fall again. 2 lab...


Big baby and worried

Hi all supermums, I am 38 weeks and will be 39 in 2 days. Last week I had an ultrasound and she t...

9 replies

Congrats on your new baby! My son was born by vacuum extraction as well as he had a really bad injury on his head, it was bleeding a...


Pain relief during labor

At 30 weeks, I'm looking at my pain relief options. Granted, I would prefer to go natural and jus...

24 replies

I was definently NOT having an epidural, and with a posterior labour that went on with no progress for 14 hours where I was climbing...


Birth options after 4th degree tear

Hi all When I had my first son, he came flying out so quickly that I ended up with a 4th degree t...

3 replies

I had a 3b tear with my first, it was horrible! I'm now pregnant with number two and due in December. I've consulted with ...


Pain Relief During Labour

There’s no getting away from it, labour is painful. Thankfully however we have many options, from...

3 replies

I only had gas but apparently i was using it more for something to bite on then breathe in! I had quite a easy not as painful as i t...


How was your birth experience?

Was it very different from what you had planned?

6 replies

My first sons labour took 6 hours, pretty quick for a first time labour, very painful but all went well and was quite quick, no comp...


I am 35 weeks my baby is in a breech postion.

I just went for a scan on tuesday she told use baby is in a breech postion. I am swimming two da...

2 replies

I was also 35wks when my bubs was in a breach position and now at 37 +3 she has turned. I googled alot of stuff and tried doing diff...

Breanna Lea

Vaginal Birth after a previous 3rd degree tear

Hi, Just wondering if anyone else was able to have a vaginal birth following a previous 3rd degre...

10 replies

I had a very similar experience and outcomes to makalu, but a 3a tear, with my first. Second bub was bigger, but was able to birth ...


What does a 'Show' look like?

Hello, Would really appreciate if someone could help me. I'm 40 weeks and 1 day and had a ...

14 replies

Congrats on your gorgeous boy KM1990! Hope you had a smooth delivery without too much drama. Enjoy your newborn cuddles!


Joondalup Private vs Glengarry

Hi ladies Help! I am pregnant with my second and am considering going with Dr Neppe. I had my f...

3 replies

Just be aware from what I know he only does obstetric appointments on Tuesdays and Thursday's and apparently he gets very busy....


Nepean Hospital experiences

Hello, I am FTM and booked to go into nepean public. I am wondering what everyone's experie...

1 reply

About 2 people per room and the nurses are so rude!


what to bring to hospital???

hi, im new to all of this and i am currently 27 weeks pregnant, i am wondering how many nappies i...

1 reply

Hi there, from experiance ( I've had 2 beautiful babies ) most hospitals have newborn nappies available, but they do like you t...

Joanna Marie

35 WEEKS pregnant symptoms

Hi all, I am currently 35 weeks and 3 days, this is my 3rd pregnancy. My first and second came o...

14 replies

My boy is only 1 month and I'm still recovering from giving birth, he was born at 38 weeks with an induction, I too had strong ...


Gestational diabetes/induction & born before induction

Hi all. I am 35 weeks and have been booked in today for an induction at 38weeks. Has anyone had t...

2 replies

I know this is an old post but yes, I too was induced at 38 weeks due to gestational diabetes. Bub was fine and healthy but in all h...


Retained placenta question

During the natural vaginal birth of my son, I had a retained placenta which meant I ended up in s...

2 replies

I did. Retained placenta with Baby #1 (DS was 7lb 7oz) Baby #2 delivered placenta fine (DD was 9lb 50z). I have had a few interes...


Feedback on Riverland hospitals and staff

Hi, I'm 13 weeks and planning to have baby number 1 at the Loxton hospital. Has anyone got a...

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Is there such a thing as a No Gap OB in Brisbane?

Hi there, I'm in the very early stages of a surprise pregnancy so please excuse my ignorance...

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Herbal products / Naturopath/ Naturopathy/ to help during labour

Has anyone gone to a Naturopath or taken herbal products to help them with their labour? Do you h...

3 replies

I had a lot from my naturopath to take in, but didn't end up using them! haa haa. Guess it was good that I had them on hand th...


Cesarean or Induction??? help

I am 37 weeks pregnant, I have had 2 previous babies both of which have been big 4kg. My first I...

9 replies

Hi baruska. Elective caesars usually are done privately if its purely because of the mothers choice. If there's a medical indic...


Induction has officially Started!

I'm in one night early as my blood pressure was creeping up yesterday! I've just had...

4 replies

Thanks ladies! I had a very long labour in the end, 15 hours, with an assisted delivery (kiwi suction cup thingy) because of bubs po...


Looking for recommendations for Obs at Greenslopes

Hi all.... im 9 weeks and due on May 2015 we have decided to go with Greenslopes hospital in Br...

1 reply

Hi Kate, Who did you end up choosing for your Ob?