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Your Labour and Birth

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Did you have an epidural? Was the experience what you expected? Lock

About 60% of women will ask for an epidural during the birth of their child. However there are a ...

2 replies

I got an epidural without hesitation and would TOTALLY recommend it. I had been in labour for 3 hours already when I got to the hosp...

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Labour positions to ease pain

Soothing Labour Positions The standard hospital labour position—semi- or fully reclining—is not ...

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What do you really need to bring to the hospital

Childbirth classes and baby books will give you huge lists of "essentials" you really n...

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pre natal yoga

Hi Ladies, I'm hoping to start pre natal yoga tonight....just making sure my cold is not going t...

8 replies

I really like pregnancy yoga classes in my area. Here is a link in case some mummies want to join.

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10 Ways to Relieve Approach Labour in a Positive Way

1. Find a Soothing Environment If you can request a tour of your birthing suite before.Your birt...

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So upset, urine retention.. help

I gave birth 2 weeks ago and was sent home with a catheter because I couldn't use my bladder...

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Stressing about baby #1 during labour #2

Hi all, I'm due to give birth mid-August to baby #2 and I’m starting to have some anxiety ab...

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How to tell if labour is coming

If this is your first baby, you may be feeling a growing sense of anxiety about the impending lab...

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Group B Strep

I had a positive result for GBS from a urine sample taken early in pregnancy, and no matter how m...

7 replies

Not trying to scare any one but I feel annoyed when people say it's not big deal it's nothing and so on. I did have strep...

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Have you chosen a birth partner yet?

Is it your partner, mum or best friend? Maybe you're choosing not to have anyone besides med...

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What would you add to our Hospital Bag List?

Here is our list of essentials but we'd love to hear from YOU! What would you recommend pack...

1 reply

Hi great suggestions & found helpful to read over as its been 5yrs since my last birth.


What to wear during labour? What did u wear? Lock

Hi ladies! I'm packing my bags for hospital as I have to be induced around 37 weeks I have a spin...

12 replies

I recommend maternity hospital gowns or birthing gowns. They are designed for comfort in labor and have access to fetal monitoring, ...


Return of period

Hi all. My daughter is almost 8 months. I'm just wondering if a period should have come back...

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Which Private Hospital is good Norwest Private or Westmead Private?

I am pregnent with my first baby and when went to see the GP, she told us to finalize which hospi...

12 replies

Had a good experience at norwest overall, facilities are good, rooms were new and they are strict on visiting hours to allow new mu...


Two nights of contractions that lead to nothing :(

Hey mums, Just wanting some advice and ideas on what is happening to my unpredictable uterus!! ...

2 replies

Exactly the same thing has been happening to me! The hospital have said it's 'practice' labor. Until either your mem...

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Have you written a Birth Plan?

Having a birth plan or even a birth strategy is a good way to prepare emotionally for the birth. ...

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How did you choose your birth partner?

Maybe it was your partner or maybe you chose a friend, your mum or someone else? We'd love t...

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Is Birth faster the second time round?

Hi Mums Im 14w pregnant with baby no 2 and got preganant quite soon after baby no 1 (he is 7mont...

1 reply

Hi there, I know that this quite an old question but I thought I would answer anyway. I am currently pregnant with number 3. All thr...


Has anyone given birth at Tweed Head Hospital recenlty. I am looking for all advice - good and bad :)

I am a first time mum new to the Gold Coast. I am hoping some one has some advice on which public...

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SHOULD I GO TO THE HOSPITAL?!?! First time mum

Hi there i have been having contractions since 10.30pm last night. they are now between between 4...

1 reply

I know you've already had the baby but for anyone else reading I'll share my experience if you wanna read. I went into hos...


Vaginal birth after 4th degree tear

Hi all. I had a 4th degree tear with the birth of my son in 2013. No particular reason was given...

1 reply

I tore to the 2nd degree and am worried about having a second baby and birthing vaginally. My mum tore when having me and went onto ...


Uterus does NOT contract!! Anyone else out there???

Hi everyone. I am looking for some advice about postpartum bleeding in births!! I have two childr...

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Elective C Section & SPD?

Hi All I am currently 31w and have just found out that the pain i Have been experiencing most of...

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Do you really need to go to child birth classes?

Did you go to childbirth classes? Do you think they were helpful or not?

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Greenslopes Maternity Brisbane

Hi guys Just had a tour of greenslopes and I absolutely LOVE it. Can't wait to go, did y&#...

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I am currently 40+5 weeks with my first baby. My dr has told me if I don't go into labour by...

2 replies

Any suggestions will mostly be based on old wives tales sorry. A stretch and sweep is only affective about 15-20% of the time and wo...

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What to pack for the hospital

Here are some suggestions to help you get ready for your labour and birth. Hospital paperwork –...

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Children naturally born on due date

Okay so I'm curious; who's children were born naturally on their due date? And which ch...

8 replies

My first born came naturally on his due date, no complications SO blessed and grateful!


getting in due ed foor time asking how other went

How did others go with it its a bit scary for me not knowing much about it it my third baby neve...

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Were your labours faster with each baby?

With my first child i was induced, my labour was 7hrs, with my second i was induced again and my ...

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Told not to call midwives after waters break?

Hi there, I am a FTM and currently 38 weeks pregnant. At 36 weeks I was given a sheet from my mi...

4 replies

All the best for the arrival of your baby. MY midwives have all been wonderful and I was never made to feel like I couldn't rin...


Anyone had any recent experience with West Gippsland Hospital (Warragul Hospital)?

Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has any recent experience with West Gippsland (Warra...

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At how many weeks did your twins arrive?

Hi, I've just found out that I am expecting twins. Completely surprised but over the moon. ...

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How to prepare for birth

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Do you have a birth plan?

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40+3 and fractured ribs

I'm overdue, uncomfortable, feeling huge and like a failure. To top it off, I had pneumonia ...

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Want a free doula? Live in western sydney?

Hi ladies, just thought i would drop in here and let you know that i am a trainee doula and am g...

1 reply

Hey DoulaShea, I'd be interested - would love further information if the offer is still open. I'd be birthing at Nepean.


Did your birth plan not go as you'd expected?

Tell us what happened and what you'd do differently next time if you could...

3 replies

My birth plan was completely blown out of the water. My little man now 2y6m old. Jack was 8pounds. I went in for my 39 week appointm...


Saline Injections during labour...

Hi, Just wondering if any one has used or heard of 'saline injections' in your lower back during...

15 replies

I opted for these twice as I was trying to do water birth and they actually warn that the injections wear off faster in the tub. The...


Pain relief during labour

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