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How about this ladys, natural birth after 3 c secti Rss

Hey gals! A while ago I asked if u could have a vanginal birth after 2 c sections. U said no. I desided to look it up tonight and guess what! Yes u can! Here's a link to a story of a mother who had a home birth after 3 c sections! What do u guys think of that one? Only I think thats in America, New Zealand and Australia won't allow us even though its perfectly safe...... here's the link, take a read and tell us what u think:
[Edited on 11/08/2007]
[Edited on 11/08/2007]

Emma 31/7/03, Daniel 11/1/06

Hi emma sorry i missed your post,
I have had a natural birth after 2 c-sections and i had it with the full support of my OB.I have heard however that if you go through a public Hospital they will often refuse a VBAC delivery because of the risks and liability.
I know plenty of Mums who have had natural births after 2 or 3 C-Sections. A C-Section alone does not rule out a natural birth unless the Dr botched the C-Section.

The uterus is just a muscle so it heals just like any other muscle. If an Olympic runner or a top footballer gets an operation on their leg that severs their leg muscles they expect it to heal & they expect to be able to get back into the extreme training & sport that they do. Why do we have less faith in our uterus??

i agree with you Nduwri!
if only our medical "professionals" had as much faith, i have only had ONE c-section and its healed beautifully, no probs at all and im STILL getting a negetive response to my request for a vbac from some health profs, fortunalty my midwife is a champion and with me all the way so fingers crossed!

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