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3rd Degree Tear Lock Rss

Hello good to hear from you its great to get others people ideas and opions, I am only 8 weeks pregnant but this decision is always on my mind.I can understand why you are going to try again i would love to go thropugh natural birth again but i think when it comes down to it i will have a c-section mainly becuase i dont want to go through the pain again. No you havent scared me you have helped and thank you.If i dont speak to you before you have you new bub good uck with it all i wish you the best.
One tbhing i want to ask are you scared?Of tearing again or even have an episiotomy??

leisa.NSW.2nd pregnancy

Thank you so much that helps.Just wondering what do gyno actually do and are they expensive?
Yes i also didnt use almond oil but have heard it is also good.I think i will have a c-section as much as i would love to do it naturally again im just to scared.Well i hope the last operation helped i really do.Its amazing how much something like this can effect your life.
Was the operation painful?
Thank you so much and good luck with it!
Also what times do you usually go on MSN Chat??
Thanks Leisa,

leisa.NSW.2nd pregnancy

Dear Leisa,
The gyno I’ve got is really good, he has done nearly all of my operations since the birth. He is expensive to see about $100 a visit but part is covered by Medicare but I don’t think you get much back from private health cover. Each operation coasts about $200 with private health cover & your post-opp check up is free. Yeah the last opp (Fenton’s Procedure) I had was pretty painful, the worst thing is trying to sit-down properly so driving is impossible. It’s only been about two weeks since I had it done but already I near normal bar a few stiches. One of the worst things I’ve had done was a Laparoscopy, they have to fill you up with gas so they can see around your organs, after the procedure is over your still full of gas so every time you move the gas moves which is the most sickening feeling. Anyway enough of all the scary stuff ~ I’m only mostly early afternoons or when ever my little girl goes for a nap, you can try to put me on your list & see if we pop up at the right time
Good Luck smile
I had my baby girl just over 2 months ago now, and also was torn REALLY badly, and i still sting down there every now and then. They said it's because my daughter came soo quick (she was out in 2-3 pushes also, my perinium didn't have time to stretch. She was 7lb 11oz, and they had to stitch me for like 2 hours.

I hope you feel better soon!
Hi, I'm reading this board with my legs crossed! I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my fourth baby. I've had a 8lb 4oz boy and a tear with my first, emergency ceaser and a girl second and a vaginal delivery 9lb boy with my third - no tears. After a very long labour with my third and an ineffective epidural I was starting to worry about how big he was! The best way to avoid tears which I did not do with my first, is to use the mirror they offer you at the end of the bed. It helps you to see everything happening and enables you to slow down your pushing enough to stretch the perinium effectively. It is also amazing to see your bub emerge... even if it is a little surreal! Also really pay attention to your breathing and try to breathe through the contractions, literally panting the baby out. I'm sure this makes a difference.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

Dear Nyrrek
Thanks for your post. I did use a mirrow but i didn't try to slow the pushes, i just tried as hard as i could to get her out because i thought that is what your meant to do. The nurses kept telling me that if i didn't get up and keep moving around i'd be in labour for days so thats why i tried really hard to push quickly and hard when i could. Next time i'll do what you said and try to carlm down.
I noticed your from QLD too, which hospital did you go to for your babies?

Heaps of luck with the new bubby.
Sorry I haven't replied yet, I've just seen your message. The natural instinct is too just want to get that baby out isn't it! i can only vouch for what I experienced and hope that it may help someone else in the same circumstance. I had my three babies at the Mater hospital, Brisbane. thanks for the wishes of luck with the new baby. With three others (and this one being a HUGE surprise) it has been hard to dwell much on the thrill of a new baby. So when someone congratulates me it puts it all into perspective - I get to have a new baby soon!

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

I was in labour with my son (9lb 1oz), my first child, for 28 hours, and recieved a 3rd degree tear, due to his shoulders getting stuck (the ventouse had to be used after 3 hours of pushing). I also had to have internal stitches due to my bowel rupturing and my sphincter collapsing. Still don't know about the recovery times for such injuries, as it was only six days ago. I was advised that if I ever fell pregnant again, the hospital would not hestitate to put me in for a c-section. So far though. surprisingly, there has been little to no pain, even with bowel movements. But it was worth it.

Shell, 21yrs, Brisbane


Saw another topic on this and remember this from way back. I did a search and found this. Hoping this may help.
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