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Has anyone achived VBAC? Lock Rss

Just wanted to find out if their was many mums out there that has achived a Vaginal Birth after Ceasarian? (VBAC).

My First baby now 2years was delivered by emergency ceaser due to fetal distress, So when I was pregnant with my second I attended a special VBAC class, and tryed to dig up all the information I could to be able to achive a natural delivery.

After a 22 hour labor baby went into distress and I ended up with another Ceaser delivery.

Any body that has achived a VBAC i would love to hear your story. Thanks Amy
Hi there my name is Dianne, Had twins 5yrs ago by Ceasarian at the doctors request as the risk for me was that one was breach and was ready to come first and thats too much of a risk any time let alone with twins. 7 months ago a birth naturally with being induce at my request and it only took 2hrs and he was out with no effort much to surprise to my doctor and my self as I was all alone, the only ones that were there in the room was my doctor and a nurse, and it was easier than I thought it would of been. I had a small tear that didn't need to be stiched which was good as I'm told they heal better and faster without stiching. Although my second pregnancy was a very uncomfortable for me, and if I had the chance and was much younger I'd have more children. Some people are unlucky to acheive it both ways and only have the chance to deliver safely by ceasarian only as scar tissues from the ceasors can cause many problems to give birth naturally.

Regards Dianne SA
Thanks Di for your reply its nice to hear there is somebody that has achived it..

Do you think you would have been disapointed with the birth if you would of had another ceaser but got to experience Labour??

Thanks again Amy
Hi, I wasn't worried if I had to have another ceaser and I think I was lucky to be able have it both ways so I knew what it was like.

Dianne SA
Hi amy03,
I delivered my baby girl by emergency c-section 7 months ago & it has taken me a long while trying to sort through the emotional side of the delivery. I am desperately hoping for a vbac next time ( I am not yet pregnant). I would love to hear what state you live in- I am in Melbourne. What information did you come up with in your research? Do ypu have suggestions to assist in the chances of having a vbac next time? I would appreiate any advice you have.
Hi there Anniesmum, I sorry to hear you have had emotional problems after the birth of your daughter. I had my twins in Geelong by a private Doctor who has now retired due to the fact I had Private Health Ins. My second was born In SA again by a private doc. I stil had the risk of having another c-section due to fact that I had one before as scar tissue plays a major factor in it. I have heard by some of my freinds that have had to have emergency c-section weren't pleasant at all. I was lucky mine was planned and had a small to problem with bleeding after as the uterus wouldn't contract back quick enuff. These dys it really depends on your past history and what your Doc is like as there are alot out there that dont want to risk any think for mum and baby but also the risk of being seued if some think goes wrong. My sugestion is that before you get pregnant again get some private cover if dont have any now but its your choice as its very expensive and theirs a waiting time for pregnancy's. Ask your GP who is about that likes to try noramal births rather than c-section. The only research I have ever done is from all my freinds and family and asking the doc's about anythink, and some times it come down to your family history with child birth as my mother and sisters never had any problems at all giving birth. I have a freind that all the girls in her family have all ended up with c-sections and some people and docs will say no to this but if you ask others you will get some idea your self. You may be lucky next time to have the next natrual as it all depends on so many factors with you for eg was the baby too big or you were too small and was the baby in distress. REMEMBER I'M NO EXPERT as this what I have experienced with others and myself. Good luck Regards Dianne
Hi Anniesmum,
Thanks for your reply, What a long time it takes to sort through the emotional side after having an emergency c-seaction, I dont dont think I have yet recovered from my first one and its been 2 & 1/2 years there are always those questions in your head about what if I did this differently.
I carnt express how much I hope you achive your goal, you sound so much how I felt desperately wanted a vbac.
I found alot of good info on the net just by doing general searches for vbac and my hospital gave me some great information that im sure once you are pregnent again you could get your hands on, I also found out about the vbac classes from the antinatel guide the hospital gives you, make sure you do one of these it was fantastic.
Its so hard to tell you what eles you could do because nomatter how much you know if you end up (i dont want to say this) having another c-section there is more you find out that you could have tryed to better your sucess rate.

If I had my time over when trying for the vbac I would have picked a different support person to be with me whilst in labour and also would have seriously considered hiring a dula that was experienced with my situation.

Im in NSW... Amy

Hi Amy & Di,
Thank-you for your replies! I am definately going to do some more research before having my next baby! I am thinking that I will look into hiring a private midwife or doula. I need to investigate this much further!
Best wishes to you both,
Hello Everyone, I too had to have a caesarean for my first baby due to him being breech and would like a VBAC for my next pregnancy. We are not trying yet but I am getting as much info together as possible. One of the mums from my mums group also had a caesarean for her first and is now pregnant with her second so it will be interesting to see how she goes. I did read some where that the chances of scar rupture is 1 in 200. This seems very high as I have not heard of anyone that this has happened too. Has anyone else or is there a mum out there that this has happened too. I would love to hear from you.
Hi Calebsmum,
Great to hear you will to be trying for a vbac, I hope once you are preg again you achive your vbac.
The chances of rupture really depends on the person I belive it has a lot to do with the period of time between the pregnacys they usually like to you to wait about 12 months which would give your body a good chance to heal.
I fell with my second 12 mths after the birth of my first and had 1% / 100 of rupture.

Good luck, If you have any more Q's feel free to ask. Amy.......
Hi Amy, I have just read in another post re breech at 33 weeks in the pregnancy under the labour and birth about a lady who signs off as Tracey Mc. She said she had a caesarean with her first due to a breech and was pregnant with her 2nd child. Then I read in another post in the same section re Epidurals to or not to and she writes she has just had her daughter and from the sounds of it she did have a VBAC? It would be interesting to hear from her. I was speaking to my sister in law over the holidays who had 2 caesareans. With her first she was in labour for around 18 hours and in the end the obstetrician told my brother if they dont do an emergency caesarean they both will not make it. She said her obstetrician was very happy for her to try for a VBAC with her 2nd baby however when the baby was late it changed everything. He had a lot of medical problems and it turned out if she had tried a VBAC then he or both would have been in serious risk.
The lady from my mother group who is pregnant is due in Feb and her first baby is one week older than my son. That means she fell pregnant less than the 12 months from her first. As I said it will be interesting to see how she goes. I will keep you posted!! Thanks for your advice I really appreciate it.
I have achieved a VBAC. My first was an emergency ceaserean. With the same sort of complications. However with my second i had a vaginal delivery with no complications and no drugs. It can happen but it realy depends on how well you take the labour through out the many hours your in pain. Everybody is differant.
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