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drains in caesers Lock Rss

I had an emergency c/sec after a long stressful 38hr labour including 2 1/2 hrs pushing. I bled profusely during surgery and required the drain. I found it to be very painful. I had the drain and the catheter in for 48hrs. Having a shower with a catheter still in as well as the drain was a nightmare as I could barely stand up as it was. Mind you I was stuck in bed for 2 days after surgery. Having it removed was even worse!! That really hurt....
Recovery was a lot slower too, I'm only just now starting to feel back to normal and my son is almost 11 months old!

Rory 11/08/06

I am day 4 after C section with drain after bleeding and clotting problems, the pain drain side after removal is far worse than the entire procedure. My bruising is coming out now and is black but the spot where drain rested can't yet be touched its excruciating. I also had a tubal and assumed this was contributing but after reading these reply I guess I'm normal!!
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