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My first baby, now two, was late by only 3 agonising days but my now 2.5 month old son was 9 days late and after putting up with SPD (really bad pelvic, leg and back pain) and not getting very much sleep and keeping my little girl entertained I was well and truly looking forward to the induction, it was also 3 days before christmas and I hated the thought of not being there when my daughter open her presents, so on the 22nd of December 2002 my husband and I walked through the hospital doors at 7am hoping to be holding our son later that day. I had the gels (I was only 1cm dialated) and then went down to the maternaty ward to walk around and watch tv not aspecting for mild contractions to start right away. At 1.30pm my contractions were very regular and we went up to the labour ward and I was given the news I was 3cm and my waters could be broken which they were and the fun really began. I had a very long shower 2.4 hours and when my husband finally coax me out to have an epidural I was totally out of body, I had an enternal and told I was 6cm and they arranged the epidural but by the time it was finally inserted(20 mins later) I had to push, I had dialated 4cms in the 20 minutes the epidural was taken out with no time to take effect and I pushed my son into the world naturally which I never thought I could do considering when I had my daughter I had to have her helped out after all the pain relief I could have and 17.5 hours of labour, so if you need an induction it isnt anymore painfully than going naturally and my second labour was definatly the better of the two.
Thats great to hear jod73. Yes not every labour is the same and isn't it releif for that as well! I have only had one child at the moment but she was actually 5 weeks premature. Born at only 2.224kg. I was getting ready for work that morning when my water broke. I didn't know what was happening to me and was still deciding whether or not to still go to work. Called the hospital and they said, "I think you better come in.."
I wanted to have a natural labour to experience all the pains with it.. but succumed to the gas mask in the end. I also had long showers and even sat in the bath until I completely pruned.
Ended up on the bed after all that. I had my little girl 1:ooam the following morning. Total labour was 5 and a half hours.
When they want to come, they come.. can't hold that off. I don't know about an epidurial, still very scared at the thought and even a C section. I still might stay with the normal delivery for our next one, and gas myself up again. Even though it makes me nauseous. Who knows..
Dear Jod73,
When I was in labour (Feb 02) with my little boy I was induced. It is such an experience as it comes on so hard and fast. They broke my waters which wasn't as bad as I had been told. After ten hours in labour, with about 2 in really hard labour (when I blacked out twice), I decided to have an epidural. First time the Doc missed. I had to wait an hour for him to come back. Second time he got it in the right spot. It was pure bliss. I could have staged a tea party. Apart from not being able to walk I was so happy with it. I couldn't even tell when I was having contractions. They even had to tell me to push when they delivered little Daniel. I made a few grunts to look the part and there he was! It was the most amazing experience I have ever been part of and I am looking forward to the challenge again. I hope this helps you.
Being induced was not the best way of having your first baby. With my first(and only at the moment) I went in for my weekly check up at 37 weeks. My blood pressure was high and this had never happened through out my pregnacy. So they sent me to the labor ward and put the monitor on the baby and watch me for an hour as well as taking blood. Any way after that time the dotor came back and told me to go home and pack my bag they wanted to watch me over night. 10.30pm that night the doctor came back and said we don't like you blood work we are going to induced you. 1.30am I was sent back to my room after getting the gel. They said we will put more gel in at 7am meanwhile they where coming into my room every hour to check my blood pressure. 7am came the over half came and it was time for more gel. Lunch time came and they broke my waters to speed me up. Well did the pain came they gave me pef, gas then about 2pm the epidural. Thank you was all I could say. Mean while my blood pressure was still high and they were watching the baby now. About 8pm the babys heart rate was dropping and my blood pressure was rising more. So they rush me to the operation room to sucksion cap the baby out as the baby was there and if that failed the caesarean. Well I had a caesarean at 9.30pm a 8.5pound boy came out not breathing or a heart rate. 1.3mins later he started to cry. They said it was the shock of every thing that did this. My little boy was name Jayde and is 10months now and a very happy baby and has been a perfect baby. So now I'm staring again.
i was 14 days overdue with my first and am now 4 days overdue with number 2. im hoping to go naturally this time even though being induced last time wasnt too bad for me.
i got the 1st set of gels at 8am,my waters broken at 8:30am and had the drip put in at the same son was born at 12:46pm that arvo,so i was happy with a 4 and 1/2 hour labour.
the only down side i had was that the gas made me sick,the pethedine didnt work and i was advancing too fast for an epidural.
even though last time was quick i really want to experience natural this time.

luv stac

Staci, SA, 2yr boy & pregnant (EDD 9/6/03)

After being 17 days overdue - I was thrilled to be getting induced - but also very scared. After getting to the hospital at 8am, I was given the gel at 9am. I was then sent back to the maternity ward, but had to return to the birthing suites at 12pm to be put on the monitors for an hour. After a very uneventful morning, I was allowed to venture over to the pub across the road from the hospital for a counter lunch with my partner and family. Only 10 minutes after returning, and while sitting outside at a table in the hospital grounds, my waters broke. I was taken into the maternity ward again, and I was almost expecting something to happen straight away!! But no, bothing happened until 11pm that night when the contractions started.My partner wasnt called until 2am. Then after a day of the gas, and floating in the bath for 4 hours, I was still only 8 cm dialated. By 10pm that night, I was told that I was getting an emergency caesar, and was giving an epidural to stop the pain while they prepared everything for me. It was very dissapointing to go thru so many hours of labour - just to have a caesar, but my beautiful son Mekhi was worth every bit of the pain!

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

I've already written to you on another topic but now I've read your induction story and I am praying real hard I don't have to go through what you did. Fast, furious and floaty... I'm dreaming of it.... Kat

Mum 2 Skaie, Alyxanthe & Logan

Oh Phoenix - I left out lots of stuff!! But as I said - every bit of it was worth it - as you would already know

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

i was 6 days early when my waters broke, but after waiting 5 hours and no contractions the doctors decided to insert a drip to get things going. The contractions started very mild, so while i was in the bath they decided to turn my drip up!!!! Everything comes on so hard and i didnt get a chance to work up to the strong, painful contractions. I didnt feel in control due to this.
If i had my time over i wouldve made them wait as infection isnt a risk for 24 hours. I think most doctors try to get you having your baby so it suits their schedule! I suggest trying everything else before getting induced.

celeste,wa,baby Ella

I agree Celeste.

My waters had broken at midnight and by 10am the next day i had dialated 6cm but they reckoned my contractions were not strong enough so they put me on a syntocinon drip and an internal monitor. I refused, i didn't care if i was in labour for days (if they had let me walk around it wouldve helped, but they wouldn't let me). The stupid doctor though just shoved it in my arm and told me i had to have it. He only cared that he was out in time to go home. He told me i would thank him for it later 'cause i would've been too tired, but i still hate him for it!
Didn't mind being induced. Although there wasn't much time to recover inbetween contrations, the labour moved along rapidly and out of the way!

Being an insulin dependent diabetic & having high blood pressure, my doctor booked me in to be induced at 39wks. At 5pm I was given the gel and was kept in hospital overnight. My waters were brocken at about 7am and my daughter was born 354pm.

So it was a relatively quick first labour - 9hrs (better than a tiring one that would drag on for over 20hrs as some of my girlfriends have experienced).

Don't ask me how but I did it without any painkillers although I did ask for an epi when I got close to the transition stage. The midwife praised me for doing so well and encouraged me to hang in there & somehow pulled through without a thing.

Mind you I may have seemed brave then but doing it all over again still terrifies me. This time things may be different - bubbs hasn't turned its head down yet so I may be up for a new experience: c-section.

Vic, 3 girls

I was also induced (first time mum) and the thought of going in and being induced scared me! for the whole week before i had Kayden i was hoping i would just some how go into labour. That didnt happen, and when i went in to have the gels i didnt know what was going to happen, i expected i would go in have gels then go into labour. They dont really tell you what they are going to do, or how it works - unless you ask. It was all happening so fast, and i was in a FAT HORMONAL world that i didnt care what happend as long as i had a healthy little baby at the end of it!
FOR those of you out there going to be induced it isnt the end of the world, it all happens the same only you arnt in a public place when your water breaks - and hey even if your not out in public you know that you are'nt going to ruin any of your own furniture with your water breaking on it! LOL
ENJOY your baby! check it out. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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