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3rd Elective Caesarean? Lock Rss

Hi everyone :0)

My sister is now 2 months pregnant and has again decided to have another elective caesarean, she had two in the past, no complications at all, she just chose to not give birth. She is scared of the pain.

I just like to know if anyone has had an elective caesarean by choice before? My sister said her doctor recommended her to have another c-section because it is risky for her to have a vaginal birth, but I thought it would be the other way round, it would be better if she had a vaginal birth then to have another planned c-section.

I don't know lol, any thoughts would be appreciated :0)

Hi Lisa, I had a caesarean as my baby was breeched. I didnt want it that one but I had no choice. I have heard of a few women who choose not to have a vaginal birth and opted for a caesarean straight away. I have a friend who had a 3rd degree tear 8 years ago with her first baby and is requesting a caesarean for this pregnancy. Once you have had a few caesareans you would have a lot of scar tissue which no doubt Drs would be concern of tearing. Your scar can actually rupture from labour and having had 2 previous caesareans I would say there would be an even higher chance of this. This may be one of the reasons your sister has been advised to have another. I guess when you look at it either way as long as your sister and the baby is healthy then that is all that matters. Having had a caesarean I can speak from experience when I say they are no walk in the park. However when you speak to the many people who have had complications from vaginal births I must admit I too am scared of a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean). I have only heard far more horror story with vaginal births then caesareans.
Having a C may suit your sisters life style now, with 2 other children. This way she has no suprises and can make arrangement for her other 2 children to be cared for, drop them off, make meals, pays bills, grocery shop - that sort of thing. It is a lot easier to prepare yourself with a C. But then you have to do this before as you are really out of action for around 6 weeks after the C.
I hope this has given you some information that is useful. I hope it all goes well!
I have had two C-sections, the first was 3.5years ago, it was an emergency c-section due to fetal distress, after a 17 hour labor and only 2cm dilation. The second time my doctor advised me it would be better to have a c-section due to the problems in my first delivery, so the 2nd one was elective.

My doctor told me that if I had another child 'it had to be delivered by C-section, as ther may be a uterine rupture'

I've never had a vaginal delivery, but believe me a
c-section is VERY PAINFUL ......




It's true what they say.. Most Doctors will recommend away from a VBAC due to the high risk of Uterine Rupture causing serious life threat to Mother and babe.. Some women are determined to try, but the medical staff get pretty nervous.

It's also quite common to hear that Doctors will highly disagree with more than three c-sections. Once ytou've had three there's a higher risk of serious problems from the scar tissue resulting in some women needing such drastic measures as hysterectomy's after a fourth. So don't be surprised if as well as telling her she needs a C-sect, he also tells her that this should be the last one to come out in that way.

Any further children I choose to have in the future must be born by C-sect now I've had one, according to my Specialist. I had my little boy naturally, he was very preemie and passed away after birth, so although he was small, I must say that I found the C-sect far more painful than vaginal birth, and I was desperately wanting a vaginal delivery for my wee girl. She might be trying to avoid the pain, but sometimes I have to wonder!! smile

Take care,

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i hve had 3 the 1st was emergncy the 2nd was giing to be vbac but had placent previa so that wne t tht idea the 3rd i had no chice my doc said i can hve one more iam con sidering but have had serios health issues last yea so will see the c section wasnt too bad labour was more painful as i had 26 hours if labour with my 1st tell your sister not to worry my doc said one woman had 5 i think one of the kennedys hd 13 and that was so olong ago technology woukd be much better now if your sister wwants to caht email me on [email protected] bye

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Hi Lisa
I had a elective c- section 4 months ago now, not because of anything medical just because my husband and I decided to, I have nothing to compare it to but I will be having my next one the same way, I had no complications was up walking around the next morning and they say you are out of action for 6 weeks, Im no super woman but I wouldn't say I was out of action it's only the lifting that is dangerous , so I give your sister credit for sticking to have a elective c-section, because I must add I did cope a lot of critisism from other people asking why, but by the end of end I was like why not.
So I guess just as people choose to have natural births people choose to have c- sections too.
Hope all goes well for her brave woman onto her 3rd child.

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Hi Lisa
I found it really hard to cope with the emotional side of cesears. I still feel like i have had something taken from me that is a god given right to all women. I feel like i failed as a mother before i even began. I also wanted 6 children which i have also had taken from me. I am about to have my 4th by elective cesear and i have been told it could be dangerous if i fall pregnant again. So good luck to your sister i know i have been brushed of because apparently cesears don't hurt at all you wake up the next morning drive home and life goes on. I hope she is'nt treated badly for her choices. I look up to any one who chooses to have a cesear it is by far not the easy way out.
goodluck. Stacey

Stacey, Tas, 4 boys

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