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Manual Removal Of Placenta-can anyone tell me more Lock Rss


Just wondering if there was anybody that has had a manual removal of the placenta or knows anything about the actual procedure.

After giving birth to my daughter my placenta wouldnt release and i began to heamoridge and was rushed to theatre where i was knocked out and the procedure took place.

After i came to all i was told was that my heart rate was through the roof and my blood pressure was next to nothing.

I now wish i had asked more questions about it in hospital, but i didnt.

I know this maybe a strange thing to want to know but i just want to have a better understanding of what actually happened to me and more about what took place in removing it.

I had never heard about it when i was pregnant so i know nothing about it.

Hope to hear from someone that could maybe tell me.
Sherrie and Baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
Hi Sherrie,

The Placenta is held on to the uterine wall by little anchoring villi. After the baby is born and the cord cut the uterus contracts again seperating the placenta and the uterus which seals bleeding which results from the seperation. In your case it sounds like there was partial seperation of the placenta with the rest stuck. The uterus then can't do it's job and contract to stop the bleeding creating an emergency. Signs of excessive blood loss are that your heart rate will increase and blood pressure to drop. The placenta needs to be removed quickly and that is done under general anaesthic where the doctor inserts their hand to scoop out the placenta manually.

I hope that clears things up a bit for you and because it happened to you with baby Maddisyn does not mean it will happen again!

WA 6mth baby

I also lost heaps of blood and blood pressure next to nothing when I had my daughter and no one else I know had been through this or heard of it happening. I just thought labour would go smooth as silk and it didn't.
The thought of the doc sticking his hand up to get the placenta out really grosses me out now, but at the time hey bring in the party!
Well, at least they saved my life.
Did you have any stitches? I was really amazed that for all I went through with the doc trying to get my daughter out and removal of the placenta, not one stitch. Except a few dissovable stitches on the uterus wall.
I was really upset to be knocked out as I really wanted to see the placenta. A few friends had inspected theirs and I wanted to do the same. Maybe next time.
Anyway. Bye

Lisa, SA, baby girl (4.5.03)

Hi Sherrie

I too had a manual removal of the placenta with my first boy. I unfortuantely?? wasn't knocked out for it. Mine had come away in bits and pieces so the doctor actually had to go in and fish out all the bits and pieces by hand and then try to piece it together to make sure that he had got it all. Was not nice and my tummy is actually turning now at remembering. So you might be a bit thankful now that you were knocked out for it.

With my second child it all came out in one piece as it is meant to so if you were stressed that it might happen again fingers crossed it won't.

Kerry Mum to 2 little DS ratbags


Thankyou all for replying to my post, you have all cleared things up a little more for me.
I think i had placenta previa but it was never picked up during the pregnancy.
I think the recovery after the labour was worse than the labour itself.
I had a failed vacume delivery, which resulted in forcepes delivery, i had 6 hours of the pushing stage, my temp reached 40-41 degrees and had 2 drips in me before bubs was even born. And my body was going into shock. Hubby tells me that doc was reaving and pulling with hes foot pushing against the edge of the bed with the forcepes trying to getting bub out.
One doc even wore gumboots and another said he would have to remember to wear them next time too, because of all the blood loss. Then i was taken to theatre once the placenta wouldnt release.
I spent the first night at the high dependancy unit and in the morning a midwife came up with my daughter so i could see and hold her for around 20 minutes.
Bubs was also on a drip for a few days after being born.
I know this sounds very horrific and i guess it was for my hubby to watch but i was fortunate that even though i went through all of that, i really had no idea that was all happening as i wasnt at that end to see it.
When i was looked at a day or so later, i apparently was very bruised and battered down there, i had bad heamoroids as well so sitting became very painful.
I too had stitches, i dont know how many, but after 2 weeks they hadnt dissolved and they had to be taken out, ouch.
Sherrie And BAby Maddisyn 09/09/04
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