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Experiences with Pethidine Lock Rss

Hi All.

Just wondering if anyone has experience Pethidine in labor?? I had my 1st daughter drug free but am thinking of trying pethidine this time around.
Hi Belinda

I had 2 shots of pethadine when in labour with my daughter and I found it to be good at first. It didn't seem to take away all the pain but enough for me to rest in a bath for about 8 hours!

I did find after a little while that it made me feel giddy and I felt dizzy too. After the second dose I was so woozy that I could not move around because if I did I felt like I would throw up. It did wear off eventually and I felt less in a haze if you know what I mean. I don't think everyone experiences the same reaction to it that I did, however I have heard that a common side effect is nausea.

Hope that doesn't put you off at all - that is just my experience.

Good luck with the birth.


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

Hi Belinda

I had one shot of pethadine but it didn't work for me. The pain got really bad and i had some gas but it made me feel woozy and the had a epidual which was the best. I think that every person is different to othes so it is trial and error based.

Good luck


Amy,QLD,Mum to Abbey-Rose

Hi belinda,
I had 2 shots when i was in labour, and it felt like heaven, i loved it and before they gave me my second shot they wanted to give me an epidural and i refused it and begged for my second shot of pethadine. I had a very long labour so i found it helped me sleep between contractions. When i look back on labour it did make me hazey in the brain like i can't remember alot of it like the pain of my baby coming out, and i did say funny things occasionally but at the time you don't relise. I hope that helps

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