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I know this may sound dumb but how will i know if im in labour or not?
I've being getting funny pain in my front and back for the past few days but it hasn't eventuated into anything. I asked my mum and she said "if your in labour you will know".
but how will i know?
thanks for everyones advice.

Bonny smile Ayden's Mum (vic)

your mum is right - when you are in labour for real - you will know. There is no mistaking it for anything else. When the pains get to a point where you find it difficult to hold a conversation, then you are in labour.
But, i have only ever been induced, I have not gone into labour naturally, so, the pains you have been experiencing may well be something leading to labour - but, trust me, when you are in labour, you will know for sure!
Good luck with it all.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

hi there,

you sound as though you might be having braxton hicks (practice contractions). You will know you are in labour when you are doubled over in pain or you are doing something and it is that painful it stops you from what you were doing.

I had braxton hicks with my second child for 5 weeks before going into labour with her. Trust me, you will know the difference too. The 5 weeks were uncomfortable pains, but real labour pains I was ready to rip things apart or break my husband's hand while squeezing it in pain.

Good luck with your labour and your beautiful new baby (when bub arrives).

QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

Hi everyone my name is tarsha i am due 19th march i am starting to freak out about labour but i just keep telling myself that once it is over ill be holding my baby in my arms and it will all be worth it smile
talk soon

Tarsha,20,NSW,Madison born 22/03/05

With my daughter I went in to labour naturally and I just knew... but I can't compare it to braxton hicks because I didn't get them (that I know of or remember).

When my contractions started I wasn't sure what it was but when they became really regular (every half hour) and were the same pain everytime I knew... I can't say I was doubled over and unable to hold a conversation though.

If you are unsure go to see the midwives... they'll soon tell you if you are in labour or not smile

Jordana, ACT, 1st girl Sep-01, 2nd girl Jul-05

Hi every one,
Thanks for your help I went to the obstetrician tonight and he said that my cervix is still closed sad so i have to have a CTG on monday to make sure that everything is going well.

thanks for all your advice and hopefully things will start progressing soon. grin

Bonny smile Ayden's Mum (vic)

Hi Bonny, (Bonny is the name of the midwife that helped deliver my baby)
I don't know what its like to just go into labour because i was induced, and i although it was fast and pretty-much over and done with, i really wish i went into a natural labour. I saw my obstetrician and he told me i had pre-eclampsia, so i knew i was going into hospital the next day. My partner and i were nervous all night and didn't get any sleep, but at least we were prepared. Lucky they broke my water in hospital (it doesn't hurt) i was carrying so much fluid i just about flooded the delivery room. Good Luck!

Di, vic, Jai born 17/8/04

Hi Bonny, I know where you are coming from. I didn't know what to expect either - apart from what I'd seen in the movies. smile The day before I had DS we had been shopping for a pram, then later that night we had dinner with friends and then saw a movie - all the while I was having what I thought must have been really mild braxton hicks contractions or just really mild cramps. Later that night I couldn't sleep because my back was sore (like when I get my period) so I played with the dog in the back yard till the wee hours. I eventually said to my husband that we should go to the hospital because I was getting tired and annoyed. When we got there my waters broke and I gave birth and hour and a half later. I never went through any of the excruciating pain that people talk about. It was just like mild period cramps and then trying to have a HUGE poo. Sorry, but it's true - ask anyone. smile I'm pregnant now with number two so I hope this one goes just as well as the first.
So you are not dumb for asking the question, but it's probably a good idea to stay near a hospital or even get checked out if you're not sure what's going on. Good Luck!!
Thanks every one,
we (my partner and I) are getting anxious now because i'm 9 days overdue and my dr is telling me to walk lots and try to relax i've been getting lots of false pain but nothing that leads to anything.
Thanks Xmum for the description, most other people have just said "you'll know"

Bonny smile Ayden's Mum (vic)

is being induced worse then natural labour?
because i've being getting mixed messages from people saying that it is more painful and other people saying that it isn't any more painful then a natural birth. I need to go back to my obstetrician on Thursday to talk about my options if i haven't gone into labor by myself. :~
So we are a little bit nervous.

Bonny smile Ayden's Mum (vic)

Hi Canola
I was induced 36hrs after my water broke because i wasnt progressing I had the sintocyn (sp) drip and the contractions started within 5 min and didnt let up for 12.5hrs. I think bieng induced is worse because your body dosent have the gradual build up like natural labour with the contrations growing in strength they are just full on right fom the beginning. But I have a friend who had the gel and didnt even need any pain relief. (i had the works) But Its true what they say about forgeting the pain by the time i held my DD for the first time it was all forgotten and I would have no hesitation to do it again.
Good luck with your birth look forward to hearing how you go

DD 19/10/03 & Trainee Doula

Hi Bonny,

I don't know what's worse as I've only been through it once so far, but 'they' say it's worse if you're induced. I'm sure though that like everything else, it'd be completely different for different ppl.

I was in labour for 61 hrs in total, 55 of them at home with contractions every 5 - 10 mins but never went into 'active labour' by myself. As far as I'm concerned, that was a lot more painful than when I was induced in hospital, even though I had really bad back labour too, as I had the gas to take the edge off it there. I wanted to see if I'd be able to do it naturally as I was scared of the extra pain from being induced too, but now if my waters broke early again this time around I'd ask to be induced straight away.

If you do end up needing to be induced, try not to go into it scared of what you might feel. One thing I did learn from my 3 day labour is that if you go with the pain, feeling it and let it kinda wash over you, it's sooo much easier to handle and things happen quicker than if you tense up or are scared of it.

GOOD LUCK!!!!! Let us know how you go smile


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