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33 week u/s Lock Rss

Hi, my name is Lisa, I am currently 34 weeks pg with my 3rd child and I'm having a baby boy. I already have two girls, Madison is 8 and Chelsea is 6.

I had a low lying placenta and had my 33 week scan last Friday. The good news is that my placenta has moved up, so no c-section for me. But, when I read the notes it said that they where measuring the baby in at 31 weeks and 2days and that the babys ABDOMINAL CIRCUMFERENCE WAS WELL BELOW AVERAGE. His biophysical was 8/8.

Was hoping if anyone here has had the same results and could enlighten me on the situation. I have spoken to a midwife at the hospital and she assured me that all is well and that 'cos the biophysical was 8/8 that there was nothing to worry about. I have my hospital appointment on Tues.

Well, hope someone out there can supply me some info and as to what to do.

Thanks in advance

mum to:
Madison Louise 1996
Chelsea Anne 1998
expecting bb March 2005

Mum to Madison 1996, Chelsea 1998 and exp bb 15/03

I can't say that I have had that said to me, I had a 38 week u/sound with my first and was told that she was a 'small baby'. They were concerned about this (plus a few other things) so they induced me 2 weeks early.
She turned out fine, was a healthy 6 pound 4 at birth scoring 9/10 apgar.

All I can say is if you have been told not to worry then try not to - sometimes I think we are best off not knowing what ultrasounds 'might' tell us.

You only have a few weeks to go - try not to spend the rest of the time stressing out about it.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

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