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39 1/2 weeks and waiting Lock Rss

I'm 39 1/2 weeks today and i'm waiting for the big day with my first child and i was just wondering if anyone had any advice as to how to keep myself occupied, my Dr said that I need to rest because i've lost weight in the last 3 weeks so im just sitting around the house.

Thank you

Bonny smile Ayden's Mum (vic)

Just rest as much as you can now, wont be long
Once they come you will be busier than you can imagine.
Hope the birth all goes well for you, good luck.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

I am dreading when this time comes around for me!!! You must be so ready to have your baby and getting impatient and bored. It makes me laugh when I'm told to rest because I find it so hard to get comfortable that resting seems impossible. By the time I finally get into a comfy position I can only stay there for a short time before some body part starts to go to sleep!

Are you a reader? If so then I suggest a quick trip to the library to stock up on some books to keep you entertained. Or the video store so you have some movies to watch. If you knit or sew, you can do that (or maybe learn how to?) or some other craft that you've never had time to do before (bearing in mind that you may have to abandon it and never get it finished). Good luck with finding some activities to keep you occupied and with the arrival of your baby!

Mum to Caitlin & Owain

I know what you mean by waiting, I had my 1st baby in September 04 (Hamish) he was 11 days over due. I only put on 9kg during pregnancy and he still he weighed 3.9kg at birth. I rested but still walked, read, watched DVD's, made baby thank you cards, wrote letters to old friends and relaxed. A new baby takes up all your time so enjoy it while you can. At the same time it is the most lovely experience being a mum. Good luck.
Thanks every one,
I'm still waiting and i'm between 3 and 6 days overdue (dr dosen't know the exact date).
So at the moment im playing the waiting game. and slowly going crazy tongue


Bonny smile Ayden's Mum (vic)

Hi all....... 2 days to go for me and the past month at home not working has just flown, I had my baby shower on the 22nd Jan and a friend bought me a baby pattern book and some wool and picked me out a pattern to make up - it was for a 6 month old so she gave me plenty of time!!! I hadnt knitted since I was like, under 10 yrs old and had forgotten everything but with the wonders of the internet nowadays I was able to watch a couple of online videos, brush up and now im just finishing the matching beanie up...... I have found it soooo relaxing, even in the Brisbane heat!!! I would recommend it to anyone, it just takes you to another place!!!! Sounds daggy yes, i know, and Im only 25 !! Haahh!!!

Good luck to all those still expecting, I cant wait, every niggle Im excited!!!

Keep an open mind, its the babies day so let him/her steal the show - they know what needs to be done!!........ You'll never be dealt more pain than your body can handle!

Cheers ladies,
Soph and Flex

Sophi, Brisbane - Mum to Phoebe Skye born 17/02/05

Hi i just read your post about 39 1/2 weeks and waiting u posted on 26-1-05 that is over a montha ago so i assume u had your baby how did it go? How long did u have to wait? how old is yout bub now? Boy/ girl?


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