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Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) Lock Rss

Thought i'd update since Bec hasn't been in here since.

Bec had a little boy Tate 8pd 2oz on 29th December by C sec.

Well i had my last appointment with my dr today.. before i head to perth.
He said everything is going just perfectly, bubs is now in the perfect position and has dropped so it's all ready to go.
My ultrasound results came back fine with the baby measuring normal size.

Hi Ladies,

I gave birth to my lil girl via VBAC on 2/12/09...i must say it was such an amazing experience and was well worth it..
the recover is so much better and easier smile

ON tues 1st from 4.30pm i started contracting every hour..bcos they were regular i knew i was in pre-labour..
the by midnite they were varying from 8 mins to 10 mins to 5 mins...the pain was enough to wake me up and keep me up most of the ntie..
byt moring they were 5 mins and were infact taking my breath away..i called hospy as i had been losing my plug and it was more blood than mucous..but they said its very normal..anyhow i kept calling them until they advised em to come in as I was a VBACer..
I called my doula and she drove me to hospy at about 10ish..we got there waited and then about 1 hours later my OB came and examined me..i was 4cm dilated...woo...they had me ont he monitor full time except when i needed to go to loo..i kept changing from teh bed to each time i stood the monitor would lose contact with bub..
anyway...i got back on the bed and next exam i was 6 cm....1.5 hrs later i was 8cm..OB broke waters.then within 30 mins i wanted to push..they examined me and i was 10cm...woo hoo!
they told me to hold pushing and went & got my OB...he wasnt too far, he came and chekced and told me to start pushing..
i pushed for about 20 mins and she was baby girl helped me achieve my VBAC, she was in teh right position..she just knew what to do..
i had some minor graxing..4 stitched but apart from that i felt fine smile
I relaised that its not just us..its out babies that have to cooperate too...
my first labour was destined to be a c-section..and i only realised that now...they did wat was best for me and bub..

My OB and both midwives were absolutely was my hubby and doula!


Ekki, NSW, Baby Boy 20/4/05

Well done Ekki that is fantastic news!!!
Congrats Ekki.. reading your story gave me hope.. smile Did you go before or after your due date?

Ekki that is fantastic, well done!!!!
I haven't been on here for a while but I had my successful VBAC 8 weeks ago, on my due date, after being told I'd never go in to labour naturally and would have a very long and difficult birth probably ending in another c section, what do they know!
Isn't natural birth such an empowering experience, I loved it and want to do it again but DH would kill me, we have 3 already smile

Congratulations to Ekki and Cassie!!! smile Hope you are both feeling well and your beautiful bubs are doing well smile

thanku all for the well wishes!

3 rugrats, i was due 30/11, had bub 2/12, so 2 days over smile doc was willing 2 let me go 41 weeks...

She was born 3.2kg, 51cm, HC she was small...made the delivery easier!!

Ekki, NSW, Baby Boy 20/4/05

Just got the go ahead yesterday from my OB to try for a VBA2C. So stocked up on Raspberry Leaf tablets, combined with the EPO, pregnancy and breastfeeding gold and Iron tablets I had 8 tablets with my breakfast! OMG.

He has advised me of the limitation to be placed onto the labour, such as constant monitoring, time vs dilation (app 1cm per hour of active labour) etc.

So here's hoping all smooth sailing from here! Anyone else attempting a VBAC?

VBAC2C??? where are you? i want your doc!!! lol.
Good luck!!

lol. Quite surprised (pleasantly so) myself, as was expecting him to push his earlier suggestions of straight in for another c-sect. I'm in SE Vic. Thanks!

Gosh Olli really going to be 1??!! Where the heck did THAT time go?

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