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Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Im 32wks pregnant and am really hoping to have a VBAC, my 1st bub was breech which i didnt know until i was 10days overdue and at the hospital ready to be induced when they told me i would need a csection.

So far so good this time around - at my check up last week the midwife said baby was head down which is what i thought i was feeling (i know there is still plenty of time for it to be moving), but to be certain i will be having an ultrasound at 36wks to check on the position and also the size. Im hoping this one is a bit smaller as #1 was 8p 10o, and im feeling a little smaller this time around.

So far the midwives have been really helpful and supportive, but the doctors are very negative and i have found always push for repeat csection. I hope no one is talked out of VBAC because of doctors scare tatics - just remember there are risk for both options.

Good luck to everyone attempting VBAC, only 4 more wks til my scan than i will feel more assured. I will let you all know how it goes.

Jesse 27/03/05 Kynan 19/07/07 Amber 12/03/09

Hey there! I hope it all goes well! i had an emergency c-section with my son. When i was pregnant with my son, at 36 weeks they said i had pre-eclampsia and so because of high blood pressure, they decided to induce me at 38 weeks. i started having contractions pretty mush straight after they gave me the gel and i totally lost control, there was not much space in between and they were horrible. after a few hours, his heart rate started to drop, and when they did an internal, i wasnt even dilating so they just decided to do an emergency c-section to get him out quick. then the spinal block didnt work so they put me under a general. i wasnt even awake for his birth, and when he was born he was only 5pounds so he was whisked away to the NIC unit so i didnt even get to see him properly till the next day. i was pretty upset and it took me weeks to get over the operation!

so when i fell pregnant with my daughter i was relly determined that her birth would be totally different. Nepean hospital told me about a VBAC study they were doing and asked if i would like partake in it. i jumped at the chance! i was 11 days overdue when the day i was meant to go into hospital to see if they could get things moving, i felt my first contraction at 4:30 that morning. i was cheering, i was so over being pregnant! wink) i managed at home until sometime in the afternoon, i think about 1 or 2pm, there was a big storm coming and my contractions were getting stronger so we decided we'd go to the hospital. plus i was a bit worried about the babies heartrate, i was worried it would start dropping again and i wanted to get it checked out.

we got to the hospital about 2 or 3 and they did an internal and found i wasnt even 1cm yet!! 9 hours and nothing had happened i was pretty annoyed. i started dilating VERY slowly and i started on the gas about 4 or something. worked my way up to top notch, but by now id been going a loooong time, and so they gave me some pethidine which was horrible. it just exhausted me but didnt help with the contractions. i finally got an epidural when i was about 6cm about 11pm that night and just zonked for a few hours. the doctor said he would be back at 6am to give me another internal and decide what to do from there. i was so scared he would come back and say i wasnt dilating and he would have to give me another c/s. but finally at about 5:15am i felt an immense amount of pressure downstairs and i started feeling contractions again even tho i still had the epidural. the doctor came back and said i was fully dilated and that i could start pushing with the next contraction. i started crying at those words! they meant so much to me! my husband and my mother were with me, and after 10 minutes of pushing my little girl was born at 5:40 am, weighing 3.47kg. after a crazy 25 hour labour! phew! it was the most amazing birth! and i did it all naturally!!
Hi everyone,

I'm going for the VBAC, my due date is the 1st of July!

First labour was induced 40 weeks and bad sciatic pain so we thought we'd get bub out. After 14 long hours of gel and syntocin, excruciating contractions one minute apart, I got 1 cm dilated. My baby wasn't in distress and was only 7 pound 7 and had been right down for weeks so should have been able to come out, but I felt I couldn't take it anymore, another 9 cms with contractions like that seemed impossible to bear at that stage.

I thought a c-section was the easy way out but I certainly found it a painful experience and hope with a 14 month old to look after that this time I can have a quicker recovery and natural delivery.

My Ob won't induce me so if I don't go into labour naturally, and if I don't progress at the speed he wants me to he said he will do another c-section.

I know I can do it!! Will keep you posted.

Rachel, Jackson 2yrs, Kyan 1yr

I am up for my 3rd... I would like to know if VBAC is available after 2 c-sections already had?

Josie 21/11/03, Jayden 4/7/06, Lachie 5/11/07

Hi everyone,

I had a 36wk scan yesterday to check bubs position and am very happy to say bub #2 is head down and bum up! As the only reason i had a csection the 1st time was because of bub being breech it is looking good for me to go ahead with a vbac. My next hurdle will be going into labour naturally because i was 10days overdue with #1 when i went into be induced and they told me he was breech and i needed a csection. I just hope that bub being in the right position might help the labour process get started - fingers crossed.

Good luck to everyone else trying for a vbac.

Jesse 27/03/05 Kynan 19/07/07 Amber 12/03/09

I just read your post and i had a VBAC after 2 c-sections. Both ceasers were done after i failed to dialate.
I had a fantastic OB really encouraged me to try for natural birth as long as i had no problems throughout pregnacy and labour.We had a time limit for labour of 8hrs and if their was no progess it was agreed that i would have another ceaser.

Luckily for what ever reason my body did what it was made to do and i delivered a beautiful baby boy. I had a 13hr labour,really straight forward and used every drug known to man,but the experiance was unreal.

My OB is like a god to me,he let me have 90% control,out lined all the risks involved with a VBAC and would only step in when needed ,but the rest was up to us.

You need really let your OB know how important this is for you and try not to be talked into having a c-section,unless of course your endangering your health.
Best Wishes to you and please keep me post on how you go.
Chloe 6,Zali 4.75 and Tully 9mths
Hi, i have had 2 natural births with my first 2 children. I had a really uick recovery and was not at all ready for the way my 3rd son was going to come. I was against c-sections it was not something i ever wanted to do. However with my last son i didn't get a choice. I was hospitalised with high blood pressure. My son decided to go into labour while i was in hospital. They were delighted, but decided since they were so busy they were going to bust my waters to help things along. A little while longer and my son's cord came out. They told me the only way to get him out was via an emergency c-section which took 6 weeks to phsyically recover and start to be able to do things again. Emotionally it is still a hurdle. When i found out i was pg this time i have also found that i am terrified. I would like to try to have a vbac, i dont want another c-section. Does anyone know where i can find information about this?
Goodluck to everyone.
I'am wondering weather you are Private or Public patient.If you are Private your OB should be able to help you and as you have already had 2 normal births he/she would see that as a positive reason for having a normal delivery this time round.

If your going Public the Midwives i'm thinking should be able to help you out.

I found having two c-section really hard to recover emotionally and physically.When i had my son i could'nt believe how quickly i bounced back.

I hope this helps
Goodluck and keep me posted
After reading all your successful outcomes with VBAC I wonder why I seem to be in the minority.
My first baby was breech and was in such a position that my OB said there was no way of turning her becasue her legs were crossed and wrapped around her ears so she had to be delivered by caesearean. The recovery afterwards was long and painful and I felt I had missed out on the initial bonding and getting to know my baby because for the first few days it was too painful to get up and about to tend to her.
For my second baby I was very keen to have a VBAC and mentioned it to my OB who said that if she arrived before full term that shouldn't be a problem. He didn't want me to go past full term because of the danger of the previous scar rupturing. I was happy that my second child was not breech this time but she had not engaged. By full term I asked about the possibility of inducing the baby but my OB explained that this was out of the question because of the rupturing factor. My OB agreed to give me up until 4 days after my due date to give birth naturally but said it was unlikely the baby would come. Nothing happened as predicted so once again I had to have a caesearean. After the baby was delivered my OB told me that my uterus was very thin and he could see the baby through it when he was delivering her. He said it was lucky I had the casearean when I did. I would have to agree because the discomfort I felt on the last day was a heavy pulling feeling which could have been the uterus and scars weakening.
MY OB has told me that if I have a third baby it will have to be a caesarean. Although I won't be having any more I am happy with his decision.

2 girls - 5 years, 2 years

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share my successful VBAC story with you all.

My 1st baby was csection due to being breech, i was 10 days overdue when i went to be induced and they said i had to have a csection so i never experienced labour until #2.

19/07/07 4 days before my due date i went to bed as normal. I woke at 3am with contractions about 10 mins apart and by 6am they were about 7mins apart, we rang the hospital and they said to come straight in as i had had a previous csection they wanted to monitor me and the baby so we took our time and arrived at the hopsital at 8.30am (morning traffic sucked) and my contractions were about 5mins apart. They monitored me and contractions for about 1hr and then said they wanted to break my waters at 11am so i didnt labour to long. Not long after they broke my waters and also attached a small probe into the baby head to make sure he didnt get distressed this stayed there until bubs was born, i asked for gas and by 2pm i was about 6cms and i asked for an epi but the midwife talked me into a shot of pethadine instead the pethadine worked ok but by about 5pm i was ready to push and it had worn off. after about 30mins - 1hr of good pushing Kynan shot out only just being caught by the midwife, i thought wow what a relief and the worst was over but i was wrong!!! I had managed to get a 3rd degree tear (they say i was ripped in all directions) so the next 2hrs were spent reparing and stitching me up (it actually took longer than the csection), it was then that i really wished i had the epi and all i had was a local and gas and these didnt help with the full pain of the stitching. Now that it has been about a week i realise that it is still a better recovery than the csection so all in all it was the best outcome, the worst part was having to wait 2hrs to hold and feed my new baby!!!

I hope this helps in some way for anyone trying to make the very hard decision of VBAC or repeat csection.

Jesse 27/03/05 Kynan 19/07/07 Amber 12/03/09

Hi Nicole,
congradulations on your little boy. thanks for sharing your story it does help with decissions.
Hi All

I am having a VBAC with my second DD due in January. I had a c/s with first DD through public system as they said she would be too big to deliver naturally at an estimated 11 1/2 lbs. Well she was 9lb 7ozs so I was a bit annoyed to say the least. My current Dr says it was an unnecessary procedure considering they didn't even allow me to go into labour.

I am in WA and have found it really hard to get an ob or any info on VBAC. I have discovered a website called Birthrites which is fantastic and I am seeing a GP/gyno instead of an ob and I can't believe the difference in support.

Good luck to everyone with your VBACs. Will keep you posted on how I go in January! Would also love to hear more VBAC stories successful or otherwise.
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