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I had severe morning sickness with my daughter. I was hospitalised twice for re hydration and was on medication the whole time to stop vomiting. I suffered nausea every day and my obstetrician said I would most likely have the same problem with my next pregnancy. I would like to hear from anyone who has suffered this condition and whether it was the same in their second pregnancy.

Amanda,VIC,mum to Emily 4 & Alyssa 20months

hi smile

i had the same thing happen to me with my first pregnancy. i am now due to give birth to my 4th baby in february 2005 and i never suffered such severe morning sickness again.

what i found to help was to take the blackmores pregnancy and breastfeeding formula multivitamins before i conceived the next baby and my morning sickness was lessened. then it was just a case of "trying" to eat something light when i started to feel quesy.

good luck smile

Kristi 5 kids.

Thank you for your advice, I will certainly try the tablets. Good luck with baby number 4! smile

Amanda,VIC,mum to Emily 4 & Alyssa 20months

Hi Amanda,

I to had hyperemesis. Unfortunately I was one of the unlucky ones that suffered for the whole duration of the pregnancy. I was hospitalised 4 times to be re-hydrated.

With my first 2 pregnancy I had nausea and vomiting up until around 22-25 weeks, thats when it settled right down. With number 3 I suffered the entire pregnancy but it was mainly nausea after the 26th week. With number 4 it eased around 26 weeks.

I also was on medication, which I would say helped very little. But in the end I recieved 4 beautiful children....

All the best

Julianne, mum of 3 princes and 1 princess

Hi Julianne,

You poor thing! I don't know how you went back four times, you deserve a medal. Nausea is one of the worst things to have. I remember saying to my friends that they can be a surrogate mother for me next time! I really was seriously considering it at the time, but of course after my gorgeous girl was born that idea changed. If only babies cooked for three months instead of nine.
Thanks for your reply and congratulations to you!

Amanda,VIC,mum to Emily 4 & Alyssa 20months

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