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Vaginal birth after a caesarean Lock Rss

I was wondering if there is anyone here that has has a vaginal birth after previously having a caesar? I was given an emergency caesarean, and was told that I could try labour again for the next one, but there is a higher chance of a c section. After enduring 20 hours of labour this time, before the caesarean, I am not real keen to go through all that pain again, if it just means having another caesarean. I would love to hear other peoples experiences

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

I am no expert but why did you end up having the caesarean? If it was due to the baby's size or position next time they can monitor you.

Check with your Dr, if you are really concerned about another long birth many Drs will do elective caesars too.

My best friend had an emergency Caesar due to the baby's heartrate and had a vaginal birth 2nd time round.

Goodluck either way!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

I had a caesarean for a few reasons. He was big, my pelvis is small, and he turned during labour, I have heard bad stories about scars rupturing during labour as well!

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

Hi marti, I too had an emerg. caesar after 20+ hours of labour. It ain't much fun is it? I haven't had another child yet, but my sister in law who had the same circumstances as us for her first had her second one vaginally quite successfully. So it can be done, and I sincerely hope that I can do it one day! Anyone who thinks a caesarian is the easy way out is very, very wrong!


My first baby was born by caesar (he was breach) and two years later my daughter was born by vaginal birth. I know of a couple of other mums who have done the same so it is possible! All I can suggest is to get as much info as poss as to why you needed the caesar this time so you can make the best decision. Good luck.

Helen, NZ

Like Marti, my first was big (10 pd 1 ounce) and I am a size 12, so he wasn't going anyway and he turned during labour. This time around my midwife has said that I can try for a vaginal birth but she has actually said that she would prefer in my case that I had an elective caeser. Its all about mechanics apparently.

Kim, NZ, 4yr + due Jan '04

I had an emergency caesarean with my first and a natural vaginal for my second. We were trying for another natural vaginal with the third but ended up being complications with bubs and had to have another emergency caesarean after 11 hours of labour. It can be done.
wow i didnt realise that so many others had the same problem we are trying for a second baby but were worried about what would happen when it came time to give birth i didnt realy want another cesarean the first was bad enough and most things you here tell you that once you have one you can never have a natural birth but i guess i have read wrong

i dialated to 8 cm after 32 hr and then was taken for a emergency cesarean cas they couldnd get him out and i wasnt going to dialate any more any time soon
so im not sure how my second one will go

Michelle,QLD,5yr boy & 2yr boy

I also had an emerg c-section and am hoping for a vaginal birth the next time. I would be very interested to learn of any obstetricians in Melb in favour of vaginal birth following c-section.
Ta muchly.
hey eveyone..

like most of you here i had a c section too, after too days of trying to be induced and than 12 hours of trying to go into labour..(wasn't happening) and was only 3cm after all that..

My worry is that because i didnt' even go into what the "class as labour", that the same thing might happen again(meaning nothing and having to have another c section which i really dont want.. has have had a lot of probs with the last one, with infections and so forth..

anyone been in a similar situation as me.. would love to hear how you went when you had another, or any advice from anyone..


Mel, Briz, 3 children

I had too have a cs with my first as he was ten days over head not engaged and the placenta was low so inducing me was too risky apparently, he was a nine pound baby so everyone told me i was lucky i didnt have to have a natural labor, little do they know dont think i would wish that experience on my worst enemy.
i am now 23 weeks pregnant and just discuused birth with both the doctor and the midwife as far as they are concerned its up to me so long as i know that there is the chance of the wound site rupturing during labor a 1 in 200 chance so im going ahead with a natural birth and i just hope theres not 199 other women in front of me, so that i dont have to endure another cs.
the only other thing that i have read is that being induced increases that risk didnt ask the doctor about that though deal with it when the time comes.
hi, i am certainly no expert in this area yet, i am pregnant with my first baby, so have never had a birth, but my mum had 5 of us.
with my youngest brother she had an emergency caesarean, then she had my baby sister about 4 years later. they were threatening another caesarean but she was so determined not to have one, the doctors came in every hour and told her they will wait another hour. (she was in the hospital with waters broken for a day or so) luckily she had a really nice nurse who kept telling the doctor to go away smile
she ended up having a normal vaginal birth.

when she had her casarean nobody told her how to keep it clean, and it got infected, so of course she was against it again.

i think the doctors just wanted her to get it over and done with and it was the first thing they could think of....

Mummy to Malachi - 24 July 2004

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