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whats a caesar under epidural like compared to general Lock Rss

Hi Shell

Im due at the end of Jan/Feb.
Ive got a friend who is due next month and her ob said that a epidural is ok and there was a great risk years ago but not really these days as you monitored so much.
If you have to have another caesar I would recomend that you have an epidural rather than a general as I got to see everything with was good and hubby was there and he was the first to hold bubs.
My ob said for me not to get preg for at least 12 months to give the scar time to recover. Another this is that I had low rubella so I had to have a injection after I had my son.

I live in Melbourne

Hopefully you will have an experienced anaesthitist doing the epidural. I was really lucky.
Any way good luck
i have had 3 sections the 1st with an epidral. the other 2 with a spinal block. with the epi dural i could feel pushing & pulling , . with the spinal block didnt feel any of it. when i had no2 hubby fainted 2 times as he had to look . so when i was taken to recovery he was in the bed opposit LOL! by our 3rd sons arrival dh had recovered enough to cut the cord, they had 2 nurses positioned next to him in case. with bieing wake u get to hold the bub straight away which is nice

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi Shell,

My first baby was breech and I was told I would need a caesar. As I was dead against epidurals (not too keen on needles in my spine!) I told the docs I wanted a general anaesthetic. However they talked me out of this not long before and I am very glad they did! I didn't feel anything when the needle went in and they got it in first go. It was a spinal block, not an epidural, which is just an injection and they cannot keep topping it up like an epidural. I had my boy at 2.30pm and first got out of bed the next morning. But didn't feel anything at all during the delivery. Hope this helps.

When are you due with no 2? I have a son, Josh, who is nearly 16 mths and no 2 is due in May 05.


Belinda, VIC, Josh 15/7/03, due May 05

hi guys,

sorry about the delay in replying, time fly's and we've been really busy. we're having renovations done by my husband and friends and family - in the backyard only - im like you're not touching the house, one disaster zone is enough for the time being.

ive also been doing a few days work here and there which has been fantastic. it's so great to get out in the world.

im feeling well, not as tired as previously. im getting huge cramps though which are very uncomfortable and im in that awful stage between the morning sickness and not quite feeling the baby move. cant wait to get confirmation that alls ok. the ob said it was too early last week to feel the heartbeat so i have to wait until my next appointment mid december.

belinda- how long has your 16 month old been crawling for? i hope bella crawls for that long, although she doesnt seem content with crawling and has been pulling herself up on the furniture. im like not yet .... What date in May are you due, we're the 7th.

jeanie- may i ask why you have to have the caesar this time and how do you feel about it. do you think you'd try for a vbac if you could. im so uncertain as to which way to go. i think if i go on the net and get more information i'll just get confused and more stressed. i've been trying not to think about it. it's like better the devel you know. part of me would like to opt for the caesar rather than try labour and then have to have the caesar anyway. i guess i've got plenty of time to decide.

take care girls and have a great day


bella, 03/03/04, baby 2 due 07/05/05

Hi shellysue

In reply to your post about why im opting for a c/s the second time and not able to try a Vaginal birth is because I have a bicorniate uterus which is also reversed. This means my uterus is actually a u -shape and sort of back to front. I attempted a vaginal birth with my daughter 15 months ago. She basically couldnt find her way out. I laboured for 36 hours and dilated to 2 cm after receiving syntocin to help regulate contractions. There was no jpressure on my cervix which meant my dilation was very poor.

Im very happy to have a c/s again. My recovery was excellent, I had mine at 5:30pm and the next morning I was up showering and washing my hair.

I dont feel that having a c/s makes me any less of a woman. I dont see vaginal deliveries as a right of passage that women have to go through to be a better woman.

I think because I was so accepting of having a c/s this made my recovery better. I breastfed my daughter until she was 13 months (I found being pregnant and b/f I just had no energy left).

My suggestion to you. if its safe for you and bub and you have a pretty good chance of success, try to have a VBAC, but dont feel that you have to try!!!

look after yourself Shellysue


Jeanie, QLD, toddler girl and boy and pregnant

hi jeanie,

Congratulations on persisting for 36 hours with your first, and your fantastic positive outlook regarding your caesar.

i've found such an incredible amount of people who seem to think that it's great that im going to try for a normal birth next time. it's like im so glad you'll be like us, and to be honest i think im leaning more towards the caesar. i dont feel at all like ive missed out on anything or that im any less of a mother for having had one previously.

how are you finding this pregnancy in comparison to your last, im much more tired and getting cramps and back pain which i dont remember previously.

Take care jeanie


bella, 03/03/04, baby 2 due 07/05/05

Hi Shell,

Well, Josh didn't crawl until he was 11mths! He has been pulling himself up to standing for a while now and has just last week started walking round on the furniture quite a bit. So we have some progress. It is supposed to be good for them to crawl for a while though, coz they say crawling stimulates their brain.

We are due on the 8th of May, however I know that I will have the baby in the first week of May coz I have decided to have another caesar. To me it's not worth the risk to try naturally and I really do not want to have an emergency caesar! As long as baby and myself are healthy, I don't think it matters how you choose to give birth.

I am getting a lot more tired with this pregnancy too, and have had a few cramps which I also don't remember having last time. The back aches are returning, but I had them last time! I am really starting to show now, which is exciting!


Belinda, VIC, Josh 15/7/03, due May 05

HI Shell

Yeah its amazing how so many other women get excited that you are considering joining the 'natural birth club'.lol Honestly having a baby is an experience regardless of how you do it.

Im a lot more tired this time to. I think its from running around after a toddler. I also think Im bigger this time, which has made me feel a lot more uncomfortable and I seem to get a lot of abdominal pain as well. I hope this is just the ligaments stretching but I see the OB next week so Ill get him to reassure me that everythhing is ok.

I think having a postive outlook with a c/section is really important. If you dont look at it as a bad thing I think your recovery will be faster and you are less likely to have suffer complications or depression etc afterwards. I think attitude is very important.

I hope everything is going well with you Shell

take care of yourself and the bub


Jeanie, QLD, toddler girl and boy and pregnant

i have had 3 sections 1 with an epidural , 2 with a spinal block. the spinal block was more effecrive as i didnt have any sensation at all.with the epidural i could feel the pushing/pulling. i prefred to be awake as u see the bub immediately. my doc only gives a general in emergencies as he said your stomach doent empty completely when pg. and that can lead to comlpications with the anthestic. with my 2nd son hubby had to take a look didnt he & fainted 2 times so he was waiting in the rcovery room whrn i got thre , he was in the bed oppsote. it gave tge staff a good giggle. by the time no3 arrived 14 months later he had recovered ebought to even cut the cors , the anethest oragised 2 nurses to sit next behind him with a pillow & water

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

hi girls,

sorry it's been a while, we're heaps busy. cant believe it's three weeks to xmas and hubbies family have decided xmas is at our house this year. i was kind of looking forward to going out for a nice lunch and relaxing.

we're well, hope you're all feeling great. i had a little concern with weight loss today, only 300grams in the last two weeks, but i was like i thought i was putting on weight, i've been eating well, and not exercising - how does that work? i went to the doctor and he said everythings fine. looking forward to hearing the heartbeat this week at the hospital-that reasurance is always good that everythings ok.

belinda that's great that you're due 8th may, where are you having your bub. i think it's admirable that you have made your decision re a caesar, it's such a hard decision to make and it is all about having a healthy baby. im showing heaps too, i feel like ive been pregnant forever and it's only 18 weeks.

jeanie - how did your appointment at your ob go, hope all is well?

mum of three boys -are you having a girl this time, you must have a great energy in your home with four boys- your husband sounds like a champion, well done.

take care everyone, try and relax in the heat and over xmas,


bella, 03/03/04, baby 2 due 07/05/05

Just thought I would add my experience. I too got pre-eclyampsia with my first one at 30 weeks and was told I would have to have a caeser as it would be to risky to go into natural labour. I had her at 38.5 weeks.
The c- section was excellent I would have another one any day. Ihad a spinal tap which i was terrifed about,( has anyone seen how big that needle is) and just had the best experience before and after the birth. Although did chuck up a bit after and felt quite sick. but was walking around the next day better than some naturals.
2nd preg again c-section due to tt transfusion at 32 weeks , this time epidural and absolutely no probs at all. wasn't sick and got up next day.
again (not that i'm going back for any more) but would have another anyday

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

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