I'm a FTM and overdue by 10 days. Had a scan to check on how baby was doing, and he's doing great, no medical reason to induce. He's a big boy apparently at 9.3 pounds (hoping they may be wrong about that) and I'm only small (5.3ft size 6/8 cothing sorta size), but my midwife and I are perfectly happy with a vaginal birth and waiting for baby to make his appearance when he's ready.
My only frustration is that my mum and best friend are trying to tell me what to do to get things moving. They've both said to get a membrane sweep and acupuncture, and my mum even suggested I should book in for a C-section as I'd never be able to birth naturally.They keep on pushing for these things even though I've told them we're happy to wait unless we have to intervene.
I've been drinking lots of Raspberry Leaf tea, sitting on a pregnancy rocker/swiss ball and having sex, but I'm not comfortable with the idea of a sweep or acupuncture. SO is on my side with all this, and his family is great and doesn't care as long as the baby is healthy.

Am I overreacting a bit or should I just tell them to back off (again)? I just want a healthy baby, but don't want to induce unless we have to.