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Help! I’m a first time mum and I have friends who have said how long they waited for the anesthetist to be available to administer an epidural. Now if you were to receive your epidural and then have it start to wear off during labour do you have to wait for the anesthetist to be avaible to readminister the medication or are the nurses and midwives qualified to top it up once the initial catheter is inserted?

Please ease my mind here and I have planned for a calm and collected birth and would like all the knowledge I can get!
I was 100% convinced there was no way I would ever have a epidural. In saying.that I begged for one.
I was induced in the morning but my contractions weren't really finishing before the next started. So I wasn't dilating and passing out in pain. Once I had my epidural it was amazing. Mine didnt wear off and I dilated very quickly after.
I cried when they said they had to turn it down to be able to push
Hey Kristalenamli, Is that your daughter I see in the picture? You two look adorable together. Lime mum. Like daughter. Hehe! Although, I'm talking a little off the topic. I would to learn something interesting about the two of you. Does she trouble you anyway? What do you like most about her? And who is her favorite? Mommy or Daddy? Yeah, I am excited. As for your query Kbeveridge. I hope Kris's answers help you. Love xx
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