Childbirth classes and baby books will give you huge lists of "essentials" you really need to bring to the hospital but what do you really need? We surveyed Huggies mums and here were their top things that helped make the birth experience and stay in hospital better:

1. Earplugs - "Hospitals can be noisy at night even if you're in a private room, so earplugs were my best friend!" - Tanya, Newtown, Sydney

2. Essential oil and electric oil burner - "Obviously you can't bring a traditional oil burner with a tea light into a hospital, so I got an electric one from Muji. The nurses kept commenting on how nice my room smelt plus it just lifted my spirits when my energy was flagging." - Karena, Hobart, Tasmania

3. Heat pack - "I brought a wheat pack in and heated it up in one of the special microwaves. The hospital I went to had one microwave for heatpacks and one for food. Putting it on my back really helped me with labour contractions." - Megan, Westmead, Sydney

4. TENS Machine - I hired a TENS machine and used it to help with the pain. It helped to make me feel like I was in control of pain management just a little bit." Annie, Mona Vale, Sydney

5. Healthy snacks - "I stocked up on muesli bars and healthy bliss balls and mixed nuts. The hospital food wasn't great, so it was great to have some healthy food to snack on." - Rebecca, Busselton, WA.

We'd love to hear from you! What things did you bring to hospital that helped to make your stay easier?