Having a birth plan or even a birth strategy is a good way to prepare emotionally for the birth. Make sure you give a copy to your partner and the hospital staff.

Some points you might want to consider are:

1. Who will attend the birth?
2. Who will be your birth coach or partner?
3. Do you want to give birth in birthing centre, hospital or at home?
4. Do object to or welcome an episiotomy?
5.Do you have an opinion about vacuum extraction/forceps?
6. Who will cut the umbilical cord?
7. Do you want fetal monitoring?
9. How do you feel about induced labor or artificial rupture of your membranes?
10. Will you circumcise baby? If so, when? Who will perform the circumcision?

We've put together this handy template to help you get started with your birth plan:

If you've already had your little one, how did your Birth Plan differ from your actual experience? What would you like to have done differently?