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Vaginal birth after 4th degree tear Lock Rss

Hi all.

I had a 4th degree tear with the birth of my son in 2013. No particular reason was given for it (he was average size but maybe came out with a hand at the same time as his head). I was very lucky to heal well after a few months and haven't suffered from incontinence.
I'm now pregnant with my second baby and am torn between vaginal birth (and possibly risking another tear which may be even worse) or a planned c-section.
I'm still waiting to see the perineum specialist who will hopefully be able to see if I can deliver naturally.
So I wanted to hear from anyone else who has been in this situation? If you decided to deliver naturally, what position were you in? Did you have an episiotomy to reduce the risk of tearing?
I tore to the 2nd degree and am worried about having a second baby and birthing vaginally. My mum tore when having me and went onto having two other kids vaginally and with no troubles. So even though I'm worried I guess there's nothing to be worried about. I mean, if something rips again they'll just sew you back up and you'll heal. If anything happens it can be fixed.
I also think even if you/we tear again it'll probably still be better than having a cesarean. They take much longer to heal and you're in more pain than a vagina birth and you're more immobile too.
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