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Induction Lock Rss

I am currently 40+5 weeks with my first baby. My dr has told me if I don't go into labour by Wednesday they will look at inducing me. I really don't want to be induced so does anyone have any suggestions that will bring on labour? I have had a stretch and sweep done a week ago and have tried bouncing/rocking on an exercise ball, walking, pineapple juice and sex (but that's out now as I've lost my plug). Any other ideas that have worked for you?

I was induced with my last bub and nothing I did brought on labour. Getting induced wasn't the worst thing in the world so I wouldn't be too stressed about it. Just one thing though... if you want to go into labour naturally could you wait a bit longer? My midwife was happy for me to wait until 41+3 days and said normally anything up to 42 weeks is ok for inductions (but she was going away so if I waited longer I'd have to have someone else). Perhaps a little bit longer is all you need for things to happen by themselves

Good luck!

Addit: the only other thing I tried was expressing. Brought on horrible braxton hicks but no labour.
Any suggestions will mostly be based on old wives tales sorry. A stretch and sweep is only affective about 15-20% of the time and would have worked within the first 48 hours if it was going to work at all. You can ask to have another one done which may give you a better chance but especially because its your first bub, they just come when they come or they dont. If your plug is gone it will happen sooner rather than later though.

I had to be induced at 41+3 weeks and most hospitals dont let you go much past that due to the deterioration of the placenta and the possible complications for your baby and retaining product etc. Being induced isnt that bad though- tends to just mean an overnight stay at the hospital, a shorter labour and apparently more painful but ive got nothing to compare my first labour to for another few months.

Stressing about when it will happen will also be counterproductive so my suggestion would be to relax as much as you can, set your self up with a good book or some cheesy TV series and enjoy your last days of complete freedom!

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